How To Reset A TV Remote Control

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Last Updated on September 1, 2023 by Daniel Osakwe

Resetting a TV remote control can sometimes be tricky. However, we’ve been able to simplify the process on how to reset a TV remote control for you. So, if you have a TV remote control that won’t respond even though it’s powered, you have no cause to worry.

On this post, we’ve highlighted the various issues that can make a TV remote control stop working and also went further in providing the possible solution to each problem highlighted. So, without further delay, let’s get down to business.

How To Reset A TV Remote Control

How To Reset A TV Remote Control

A TV remote control that won’t respond or control your TV ordinarily infers low batteries.┬áMake sure you are pointing the remote at the TV. There in like manner may be something intruding with the signal, for instance, other equipment, explicit sorts of lighting, or something obstructing the TV remote control sensor.

Fix A TV Not Responding To Remote

  • Change the tv remote control batteries (AAA or AA batteries) with new incredible batteries.
  • Reset the TV by unplugging the TV power line from the wall source.
  • Wait 5 minutes and fitting the TV power cord into the wall source.
  • Check to check whether the remote control as of now works with the TV.

In case still not working, follow the next procedures

Reset The TV Remote Control

Certain TV remote controls can “lock-up” and not respond to your data sources. TV regulators can be reset simply by taking out the batteries. Dispose of the two batteries from your TV remote to play out a reset. This would be a respectable opptinuity to change the batteries in the remote to be sure it has sufficient power. At the point when the batteries are taken out and replaced, have a go at pointing it at the TV and crushing the power button. Did the TV turn ON? If so the TV remote control is fixed. If not, keep on reading.

Reset The Television

Wipeout power to the TV. Carefully pull the power plug from the electrical wall connection that goes to TV. This turns the TV off and will reset any issues that may make the distance not work fittingly. Following 5 minutes plug the TV power cord into the power source. Test to look at whether you can stroll on with the TV remote. If the TV turns ON, the issue is settled.

If the TV remote control doesn’t deceive, press the little power button on the TV itself to leave. Endeavor the TV remote again by testing the volume button. Does the TV volume change? If not see the next step.

If this issue just started happening, guarantee you presented the batteries in the controller correctly. Be sure the starting late presented batteries are not weak or dead. Consistently use comparative brand and kind of batteries to ensure better.

Get Remote To Work With TV

  • Ensure the region where you are using the remote to control the TV is freed from any articles that could interfere or impede the bar when trying to control the TV.
  • Be sure the regulator is delivering the sign. Use a your mobile phone camera and check the maker on the veneer of the controller. Press a button on the remote to check whether you see a red light. If you see the red light, it suggests the regulator is working. If no red light is seen, the remote has dead batteries or is inadequate and ought to be superseded.
  • Inspect the TV infrared bar receptor (remote sensor on the TV itself) and clean it to be freed from dust or maybe a little sticker or another article may be covering it.
  • Ensure the TV writing computer programs is current. On specific TVs, more settled TV software can influence the remote control. If your remote doesn’t work, most TVs have a little controller on the back of the TV that works like the TV regulator. Use this to investigate the menu and update the TV software or firmware to attempt to get the inaccessible working.
  • Temporarily shut down any fluorescent lights or overhead lights near the TV. Certain glaring lights or LED bulbs can interfere with the remote signal and cause it to glitch.
  • Certain electronic parts can cause impedance with the inaccessible signal. Turn-off any external parts near the TV to check whether they are causing the remote control “NOT WORKING” issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can any remote be used with any TV?

Can universal remote controls work on all TVs? More often than not, yes. Be that as it may, it’ll rely upon the make and model of your far off and your TV. In general, your all-inclusive remote should work with all TVs made in the previous ten years or something like that.

How do you hard reset a TV?

At the same time press and hold down the Power and Volume Down (- ) button on the TV (not on the remote), and afterward (while holding the button down) plug the AC power cord back in. Keep on holding the buttons down until Erasing screen shows up. It will require roughly 10-30 seconds for showing up Erasing screen.

Can I use my phone as a remote without IR Blaster?

Truly it is conceivable to utilize your android telephone as a TV remote without an Ir blaster, yet you need to have a smart TV that can interface with WiFi or Bluetooth (I’ve less thought regarding smart TVs, speculating they give Bluetooth availability as well), or, more than likely it won’t be conceivable to make it into a distant.


Finally, by now, we believe your TV remote control would be responsive. If however, the reverse is the case, do ensure you seek assistance from a professional, or better still you can get yourself a new remote control.