ThorRobotics 110ROV Underwater Drone

ThorRobotics ROV Underwater Drone

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ThorRobotics ROV Underwater Drone Review:

We’ve spent a lot of time here at Insider Picks talking about the best drones. But what if you’re looking for a different kind of drone? There are a lot of different kinds of drones out there, and while some of them are used for different purposes, they’re all still kind of the same. The ROV is different.

If you’re looking for a drone that’s actually more like a remote-controlled submarine, then you need to check out the ThorRobotics 110ROV. It’s not just a drone, it’s a remote-controlled undersea robot, and it’s designed to explore the deep seas. It’s got a camera on it, and it’s designed to go under the waves and take pictures of what’s down there.

ThorRobotics ROV: Operations

ThorRobotics ROV Underwater Drone

TrenchRover is an underwater robot designed for underwater researchers and FPV enthusiasts. It has a total of four-vector propellers and two high-lumen LED spotlights to give it unbelievable maneuverability and task capabilities. a small platform with extensive applications and teaching experiments in underwater photography, sample collection, remote sensing, and other fields, but also colleges and universities that want the perfect platform.

ThorRobotics RoV: Features

Brushless ARTR (Cable )Control Version: It includes 4pcs brushless motors, 4pcs brushless ESC, 2 pieces underwater floodlight, 3-axis gyro, 30 meters cable, GS-8E ground control station (cable control system plus display panel), and EgleII Eye camera with SD card. Ready to run.

Please keep in mind that the battery is not included because it is a dangerous good that cannot be transported by air.

Brushless ARTR(Wireless)Control Version: The finished model includes 4 brushless motors, 4 brushless ESCs, 2 underwater floodlamps, 3-axis gyro, 5-meter cable with floating antenna, an 8-channel 2.4G RC, a 5.8G video transmitter, a display panel, and an EgleII Eye camera with an SD card.

Notice: Batteries are prohibited from being transported by air because they are dangerous goods. The wireless version is suitable for a depth of about 5 meters, and the cable version is suitable for a depth of about 30 meters.

Detailed information about this item

  • The Mechanical Arm Claw can catch underwater garbage, bottles, etc.
  • Ideal for fishing, exploring, mapping, treasure hunting, studying marine life, and recording for film projects. fishfinder and bait drop line. for educational use. Entertainment under the sea. Undersea operations
  • There are two options for connecting: WIFI wireless or wired, ISO or Android-compatible. The Number of Connected Devices: You can connect up to 5 devices at the same time (only when using FPV under WIFI mode).
  • Observe and record the underwater world in 4K UHD from a boat. Watch, stream, and record the underwater world in 4K UHD and 1080p real-time.
  • Four vector thrusters and two high-lumen LED spotlights. maximum control range of 100 meters. maximum depth of 30 meters.

ThorRobotics ROV Specifications

  • Weight: 4.2kg
  • 360mm overall length
  • Beam: 200mm
  • Draft: 160 mm
  • Height: 200 mm (with handle)
  • 4xOD 28mm prop
  • motor: 4×8000 rpm
  • 2×300 lumens of light
  • 12V3AH NI-MH/3S5AH Li-Po battery
  • 1.5 knots (2.8km/h) top speed
  • Max.Depth: 5-30m
  • Antenna Length: 5 m (RC)
  • 30m (GrandStation) cable length

Customers’ Reviews

I’ve been on the lookout for an underwater drone to buy and someone recommended the ThorRobotics 110ROV to me. It’s an amazing product, and it worked well throughout my project in the sea. —Joe from the USA

Excellent product that is simple to use. I’ll recommend it to those looking for drones to explore the depths of the ocean. -Michael from Kenya


The ROV Underwater Drone is a compact, highly portable, and versatile underwater robot that is designed to take on a wide range of underwater applications. Its small size and excellent maneuverability make it suitable for a wide range of jobs, from mapping to surveillance.

With the ROV Underwater Drone, you can take pictures, film, and create detailed maps of your underwater environment.