PowerVision PowerDolphin Water Drone Review

PowerVision PowerDolphin Water Drone Review

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Last Updated on January 2, 2022 by Daniel

A PowerDolphin water drone is a great tool for underwater videography. It is a small, portable, quiet, and reliable camera drone that can be used for fishing and other sub-sea activities. It’s an easy-to-use and highly affordable device, but what is it like to use underwater? Is it worth the money? Let’s find out.

How does the PowerDolphin Water Drone work?

PowerDolphin is an aquatic drone that allows you to capture images above and below water. Unlike other water drones, it floats on the surface rather than diving into the depths. Furthermore, the camera is on a pivot, which enables it to both rise above and sinks below the surface, which is very neat.

Additionally, some extras can be purchased, allowing you to map the seabed, tow things, and even transport and dispense bait for fish.

PowerDolphin boasts a sleek design and a high-quality 4K camera that is capable of both videos and still capture.

Overview of PowerVision PowerDolphin Water Drone

PowerVision PowerDolphin Water Drone Review

PowerVision PowerDolphin is an underwater drone made in China by PowerVision. The company manufactures PowerRay as well.

The PowerVision PowerDolphin is a versatile underwater drone that can be used for fishing, maritime rescue, and waypoint mapping.

The PowerDolphin is equipped with a bait container, so it can bait the user’s designated fishing spots for enhanced remote fishing experiences. Furthermore, a tow line can be attached to the drone so users can drag rescue rings, life jackets, and other relief supplies for maritime rescue.

PowerSeeker sonar can also be added to the drone, enabling it to automatically scan and draw underwater topographic maps.

Features of the PowerDolphin Water Drone

  • 4K HD camera: High-definition video recording and streaming.
  • Interchangeable battery: The drone can be operated for a longer period.
  • Return Home feature: Users can easily recall the drone.

Testimonials for PowerVision PowerDolphin Explorer

Reviewers love and dislike the PowerVision PowerDolphin. The ROV drone requires some maintenance, just as you would any other aquatic electrical equipment. 

The following is what PowerVision suggests you do after each use:

  • Freshwater should be used to rinse the dolphin: PLEASE DO NOT wash the battery slot directly while the battery is out. The battery slot is not water-resistant.
  • Place the Dolphin in a warm, dry place for several hours to completely dry it.
  • Place back in box/bag.

What the 4K camera offers

The camera has two joints: one manual and one electric. The electric joint only functions underwater. The image quality matches the 4K resolution you would expect. In this environment, the fixed focus does not appear to be a concern. The lack of image stabilization results in very shaky footage, even in relatively mild conditions. The drone will bounce around quite a bit in choppy waters.

Navigating the PowerDolphin

powervision drone

Because the PowerDolphin Explorer lacks obstacle-detecting sensors and hardware-stabilized cameras, maintaining situational awareness and navigating can be challenging at times. While in Normal mode, this drone can move at an impressive speed, so it’s important to be cautious around people or rocky outcrops. 

The Return to Home function appears to work reliably, but since it lacks obstacle detection, there is no guarantee the drone won’t hit a rock or person on its way home. At a speed of 4.5 m/s, this could cause injury to a person, as well as damage to the drone camera since it is located at the very front of the drone. 

In addition, the self-righting feature appears to work reliably, despite seeing one instance where someone had to retrieve the drone since it did not self-right.

pros and Cons of the PowerDolphin Water Drone

Pros Cons
It is waterproof Pricey
Lightweight Lacks obstacle detection features
Interchangeable battries The battery slot is not waterproof
I have not had any issues with the battery
Very nice underwater camera (4K)
I can operate it from the land 
Easy to control