Modern Forms Ceiling Fan Review

Modern Forms Ceiling Fan Review

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Last Updated on December 1, 2023 by Daniel Osakwe

Do you desire a modern-looking ceiling fan for your place? And are you also looking for a fan that looks in keeping with your modern interior design? The modern forms ceiling fan is one of the best on the market and if you want to install it, please keep reading this guide.

Modern Forms Ceiling Fan: Installation

Modern Forms Ceiling Fan Review

The setup instructions were somewhat difficult to follow now and again. In the event that I had never introduced a smart ceiling fan, I figure I would have battled. The scariest piece of the introduction is the wiring. The WiFi module has around 8 wires hanging out of it.

It interfaces with the fan engine, the light, and your home’s power. From the outset, it’s anything but a gigantic wreck of wires. Yet, it’s anything but as muddled as it looks.

Every one of the wires is color-composed so it’s anything but a question of coordinating with the color and utilizing the included wire nuts to interface everything.

Modern Forms Ceiling Fan: Operation

Modern Forms Ceiling Fan Review

It’s made with aluminum equipment and ABS cutting edges. The fan has all the earmarks of being adjusted very well. There is a slight wobble at maximum speed, yet I needed to get perilously near to see it. The durable DC fan engine is almost quiet. Indeed, even at its most extreme speed, the solitary discernible sound is the sound of the air surging over the cutting edges.

This is particularly recognizable when utilizing breeze mode, which haphazardly shifts the fan speed to reproduce a breeze. You feel the breeze and you hear the breeze. It truly adds to the valid feel of the breeze. The LED light sparkles at an amazing 1110 lumens which are all that anyone could need to light my 12′ x 12′ yard region. It’s likewise completely dimmable for when you need to set the mood.

Modern Forms Ceiling Fan: Control

The Modern Forms fans are brilliant fans. They accompany a WiFi module that introduces flawlessly inside the fan case. You can handle both the fan and light utilizing the Modern Forms application or you can interface them to Alexa (or Google Home or SmartThings). Also, the fans accompany a Modern Forms wall regulator.

The regulator is basically a remote that fits in a solitary group box. It incorporates total controls for the fan and light. Obviously, my house is a smart home so a wall control is typically only used if all else fails. My favored method to control the fan is by voice utilizing Alexa.

Modern Forms Ceiling Fan: Smart home integrations

Every one of the Modern Forms fans utilizes the equivalent application to run their smart home mix. So despite the fact that each model appears to be unique, they all have a similar smart home joining.

Use with Alexa

To utilize the Modern Forms fan with Alexa, you need to add the Modern Forms ability in the Alexa application. The fan will appear as two separate gadgets in the Alexa application: a fan, and a light. My favored method to utilize any smart gadget with Alexa is to utilize groups. For instance, I have an Echo Show 5 on my patio. Inside the Alexa application, I should simply put the Echo gadget, the fan, and the light in a similar group.

When utilizing groups, you don’t have to stress over the particular name you provided for every gadget. All you need to say is “Alexa, turn on/off lights” or “turn on/off the fan” and Alexa sorts out which explicit gadget you’re discussing. One peculiar conduct I found with the Modern Forms fan is that the light possibly works on the off chance that I say “turn on/off lights”. In the event that I say “turn on/off light”, nothing occurs.

I don’t know whether this is an issue with the Alexa application or with the fan. Yet, I do realize that in different rooms with other smart lights, it doesn’t make any difference whether I say light or lights.

Use with other hubs or voice assistants

The Modern Forms fans are additionally viable with Google Assistant, SmartThings, and Control4. This conceivably opens the door for more perplexing robotization. For instance, I might want the fan to turn on consequently when the patio is involved, yet just if the temperature in the yard is over a given limit.

This is too muddled to even consider doing with Alexa schedules. Yet, I can do this with SmartThings and the fitting temperature and movement sensors. Likewise, I saw some old surveys expressing that the Modern Forms fans couldn’t be utilized in SmartThings robotization. This isn’t accurate any longer. You can remember the fan and light for mechanization.

Modern Forms Ceiling Fan: How they work

There are a few organizations that make ceiling fans with a comparative quality. Nonetheless, the lone brand I’ve discovered that has a practically identical smart home mix is Big Ass Fans. Their line of super-premium fans is delightful and superior grade, but at the same time, they’re a considerable amount more costly than the Modern Forms. As far as I might be concerned, burning through $1,000 or more on a roof fan is somewhat insane.

On the off chance that I had the cash to consume, I couldn’t imagine anything better than to have one. Be that as it may, for the time being, I think the Modern Forms fan gives me all I require from a roof fan at a much lower cost. Another well-known approach to make a keen roof fan is to utilize an RF recipient in the fan. Then, at that point, a WiFi-associated center sends orders to the fan through RF. This is the way the Bond connect for roof fans works.

While the RF signal that Bond utilizes will in general be entirely solid, the primary issue is that it’s a single direction correspondence. Bond can just convey messages to the fan. The fan can’t convey a message back to Bond. Accordingly, Bond couldn’t say whether the fan or light is on or off. This is acceptable data to know for further developed home mechanization. Consequently, I accept the WiFi regulator utilized by Modern Forms is an unrivaled alternative.

Where To Buy

The Modern Forms fans are sold everywhere on the web, however, I purchased mine at Amazon. One benefit to shopping on Amazon is you will in general get an incredible determination of coordinating with the stylistic themes while looking for a fan. You can likewise channel explicitly for smart roof fans to effectively contrast Modern Forms with other smart roof fans.


The Modern Forms fans are quality-constructed ceiling fans at a mid-level value point. They accompany completely coordinated smart home capacities and bunches of style and size alternatives. There absolutely are more affordable fans out there, however, the majority of the cheaper fans don’t accompany enduring, super calm DC engines. Furthermore, none of the “less expensive” models accompany a completely incorporated smart home module.

The lone genuine negative experiences have been my difficulty with Alexa incorporation, which is by all accounts fixed for the occasion. The Modern Forms fan’s assemble quality is now comparable to correspondingly valued fans. In the event that they can resolve the availability issues, their smart ceiling fan would be a definitive success over the current rivalry.