Logitech Z407 Bluetooth Computer Speakers Review

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Last Updated on May 1, 2024 by Daniel Osakwe

Logitech Z407 is a rare piece of technology. You probably won’t be able to get excellent computer speakers for less than $100/£100. When you spend less, you will likely end up with sound effects that are only mediocre at best.

However, we do occasionally receive computer speakers that perform better than expected – not only in looks but also in sound quality. One such peripheral is Logitech’s Z407 mouse.

For only $79 (£79, AU$149), this fairly recent Logitech release has delivered powerful sound, deep bass, numerous connectivity options, and a nifty wireless dial.

It is slightly less powerful and does not have Bluetooth connectivity than the Edifier M3200. In comparison to the T100, the 2019-released Creative Z407 offers better audio performance, but it does not include a subwoofer, is slightly bigger, and costs $20/£20 more.

Logitech Z407: Design

Logityech z407 bluetooth speaker

Value begins with design. Logitech’s Z407 is small and fits just perfectly on a small desk, measuring 7.87 x 3.70 x 3.35 inches (satellites) with a 9.45 x 9.21 x 7.09-inch subwoofer.

With its capsule-shaped satellites and a dark gray finish, the speakers are a classy addition to any work or creative setup. Also, it has a rigid build that should last for several years.

Logitech Z407: Features

logitech z407

Among its other features are versatility and portability. Two types of removable satellite stands allow you to either set up the satellites horizontally or upright. In addition to having wireless control, it has three connectivity options – Bluetooth, micro USB, and 3.5 mm – which further enhances its versatility.

Some media apps may not support the wireless dial full-featured at first, for instance not all Spotify apps do. Yet Apple TV for Mac doesn’t allow you to skip or forward, and Netflix for Windows doesn’t even allow you to rewind. Furthermore, since you use the same physical dial for both volume and bass, you might need a bit of time to get the hang of whether you’re controlling the volume or the bass level.

Generally speaking, most folks won’t bother reading the manual (aka those who don’t care to read the manual) because it’s not as straightforward as they would like. You’ll soon feel like it’s an extension of your arm once you’ve mastered how the dial works.

Even though these speakers feature wireless connectivity, they don’t completely eliminate the need for cables. RCA cables need to be used to connect satellites to the sub. The system has the option of connecting to your computer or device using Bluetooth, so you can keep your desk clutter-free.

Due to Bluetooth’s excellent performance and equal to its 3.5mm version, you can go with that if you’re looking for convenience as well as great audio quality. Sound quality appears to be a bit higher over the micro USB port for a slightly better sound signature.

Logitech Z407: Sound

Unlike many cheaper computer speakers, the Logitech Z407 delivers superior audio quality. It’s actually surprisingly loud for such a compact computer speaker system.

There may be a lack of detail in the sound and the sub can overpower other frequencies if the volume is turned up too high. (Turning the knob up, however, should help). Nevertheless, the Logitech Z407 sounds impressive.

In contrast to other affordable speakers that tend to emphasize their bass and high end, which can make them sound harsh and easily fatigued, this offering from Logitech emphasizes the midrange, resulting in a richer, warmer sound. With its down-firing driver, this subwoofer offers a lot of rumble despite its size. The AD subwoofer will be felt at any level, even at the base level.

When you sit directly in front of it, as is supposed to be the case with computer speakers, you’ll get decent separation. The only problem is that there’s no virtual surround sound, so you’re only hearing left, right, and somewhere in between… but that’s about all you’re going to hear.

This could make it less immersive for hardcore gamers. It’s better to get a headset with surround sound features if you want something that can help you game better.

Pros Cons
Affordably priced for what it offers There is a good soundstage, but it is not spectacular
Stunning sound with rumbling subs Initial confusion with wireless control
Compact, versatile, and stylish design


The Logitech Z407 still boasts plenty of rumble and excellent sound quality that will satisfy most gamers as well as those who want to enjoy media – whether it’s music or movies. Moreover, its versatility adds an extra benefit to every type of user.