J-Tech Digital 4×1 HDMI Switch Review

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Last Updated on May 1, 2024 by Daniel Osakwe

Users of the J-Tech Digital 4×1 HDMI Switch get to enjoy a fair 4K experience, with 30Hz technology and preview support for all inputs. Thanks to the rear ports and a soft, black aluminum body, it fits anywhere on a console or a desk.

This switcher performs as expected, but lacks 4k/60Hz support and HDCP 2.2 compatibility. Due to HDCP 2.2, most 4K content is encoded in order to curb piracy, which means the J-Tech digital may only be able to stream 1080p content.

It isn’t a deal-breaker since older 4K content usually uses HDCP 1.4, but there are other cheap HDMI switches available that offer HDCP 2.2 support as well.

J-Tech Digital 4×1 HDMI Switch: Design

J-Tech Digital 4x1 HDMI Switch Review

The J-Tech Digital 4×1 HDMI Switch comes with four input ports, an AC adapter, and remote control. By using an AC adapter, you are ensuring that the switcher is not drawing power from another device connected to it, which has been a known issue with the Playstation 4. Furthermore, LED indicators to inform the user whether auto-switching is enabled or not and what inputs are active.

With a maximum resolution of 4K and a refresh rate of 30Hz, you’ll be able to watch movies in cinematic quality, but gaming would be disappointing.

The switch itself is enclosed in a metal box that has a relatively slim profile, at approximately .75 inches (20mm). To make it not slide around your table, it has two long gummy bars on the bottom. Having HDMI ports opposite the LED indicators allows you to hide the cables behind your setup. Despite its strong and very obnoxious branding, we don’t really like the way it is placed on the chassis, which looks cheap.


  • Product Name: 4×1 HDMI Switch
  • Product Brand: J-Tech Digital MPNJTECH-4KPIP0401
  • Release Date: October 2013
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 4 x 2 in.
  • Warranty: One Year
  • Screen Resolution: 3840 x 2160 at 30Hz
  • Ports: 4 HDMI In, 1 HDMI Out
  • Formats Supported: HDCP 1.4 Compliant (not supporting HDCP 2.2). DIGITAL AUDIO
  • Support: Dolby True HD, DTS-HD Master Audio

J-Tech Digital 4×1 HDMI Switch: Setup Process

Basically, we connected a Nintendo Switch, a Playstation 4, and a PC to the J-Tech Digital HDMI switch, and then ran an output cable to a BenQ HT3550 4k projector. As soon as we plugged the first HDMI port into the J-Tech digital, the auto-switch feature kicked in and the computer booted. Setting up an HDMI switch was very straightforward.

J-Tech Digital 4×1 HDMI Switch: Features

There are four HDMI inputs and one HDMI output on this switch. With a maximum resolution of 4K and a refresh rate of 30Hz, you’ll be able to watch movies in cinematic quality, but gaming would be disappointing. In addition to supporting Dolby encoding, the switch also has a picture-in-picture mode, which lets you see another input’s video preview.

There were a few issues with the 4K video due to the J-Tech Digital switch not supporting HDCP 2.2.

Sadly, the switcher does not come with a dedicated audio output or HDMI audio splitter, so those who want to send audio to their speakers must purchase their own or reroute the audio from elsewhere. Since the J-Tech Digital switch lacks HDCP 2.2 certification, some of our 4K content did not play in 4K due to the absence of ports on our projector.

In addition to a button for auto-switching, the remote controls each input separately. Also, there is a rescan button if the automatic scan doesn’t work. Input can be selected by pressing the select button, then typing your input, then pressing enter. 

Streaming Performance

The performance of the J-Tech digital is good. About nine seconds are required for the J-Tech’s auto-switch function to complete. We can select what input we want using PIP mode. Likewise, the image and sound quality are great, with true colors and crisp audio, though 4k refresh rates are capped at 30Hz. In our BenQ HT3550, this odd quirk caused the volume on the remote to go up when we hit input two, a minor, but annoying glitch.

J-Tech Digital 4×1 HDMI Switch vs. Zettaguard Upgraded 4K 60Hz 4×1 HDMI Switcher

In the battle for superiority, the Zettaguard Upgraded 4K 60Hz 4×1 HDMI Switcher is the fiercest rival of the J-Tech Digital 4K HDMI Switch. It costs about five more dollars, but the Zettaguard switch includes HDCP 2.2 compatibility and a faster refresh rate for a 4K video. It offers the same features as the J-Tech switch, including PIP.

The J-Tech switch takes three button presses for each input swap, making it somewhat slower than the other switcher (though it should be penalized for the high number of switcher input swaps). In our opinion, the Zettaguard is far superior to its modest price increase.

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Pros Cons
Attractive design Not HDCP 2.2 compliant
Four inputs 4k only at 30Hz

The verdict

When viewed through the prism of competing models, the J-Tech Digital HDMI Switch feels a bit outdated, lacking some of the basic functionality we expect from a modern HDMI switcher. Although it would be a strong value proposition if it cost much less, the thin price gap between it and enhanced alternatives makes it difficult to recommend.