How to Recover Deleted Photos on iPhone

How to Recover Deleted Photos on iPhone

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Have you accidentally deleted a lot of your iPhone photos? If yes, then you need to know how to recover deleted photos from your iPhone. This article will tell you how to recover deleted photos on iPhone irrespective of the model.

I am sure that you are often in a situation where you delete a photo accidentally and you can’t figure out how to recover deleted photos on your iPhone.

I know this situation is not fun for you, especially when you are a photo lover. And it’s also hard to find a solution for this.

But it is not as difficult as you think. If you want to know how to recover deleted photos on your iPhone, you should read this article carefully.

In this article, I will share the steps to find lost photos on iPhone, including how to recover photos from iPhone, how to find photos from iPhone, how to recover photos from iPhone with iCloud, and how to recover photos from iPhone without iCloud.

So let’s start:

How to Recover Deleted Photos on iPhone

You can restore deleted photos in iOS thanks to a feature built into the app. You can access recently deleted photos from the Photos app. Deleted photos are stored for 30 days, so you have time to restore them before they’re lost forever. For photos that you deleted within the past 30 days, you can recover them by following these steps:

  • Launch the Photos app by tapping on it.
  • Navigate to the Albums tab, then tap Recently Deleted.
    How to Recover Deleted Photos on iPhonePhotos deleted in the last 30 days are stored in the Recently Deleted photo album. The app displays each photo and displays how many days remain until the iPhone automatically deletes it.
  • After selecting the photos you want to save, tap Recover.
    If you want to get rid of the photos immediately, just tap Delete.
  • Tap Recover Photo when the pop-up menu appears.
    How to Recover Deleted Photos on iPhone
  • You will be able to recover the photo from your photo library and any other albums in which it was previously stored.

How to Recover Deleted Photos on iPhone: Other Options

After 30 days, photos are permanently deleted from the Recently Deleted album. It is still possible to recover deleted photos if you missed that 30-day window. Although these methods are not guaranteed, they may be able to help you restore photos if they are not found in the Recently Deleted album.

Desktop Photo Programs

If you sync the iPhone photos with a desktop program for managing photos, such as Photos on the Mac, the program may have a copy of the photo you want to retrieve. When you find the photo, you can sync it through iTunes, add it to iCloud Photo Library, or email or text it to yourself, then save it to the iPhone Photos app.

Cloud-Based Photo Tools

Cloud-Based Photo Tools

A backed-up copy of the photo may be available in a cloud-based photo tool. In this category, you have a range of options, including iCloud and Dropbox.

If you posted the image to one of your feeds, you can also check social networks such as Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook. The photo you need can be downloaded to the iPhone if it is there.

Third-Party Data Recovery Tools

You can use some third-party programs to explore the iPhone’s file system to find hidden files, look at deleted files that are still available, or access old backups. It can be difficult to assess the quality of these programs since there are so many of them. Look for programs and read reviews using your favorite search engine. Some of these tools may be free, but most are not.

Restore Your iPhone

Pictures are saved in the Camera Roll when you back up an iPhone. Getting back photos you’ve lost is as simple as restoring the device from a backup. Simply choose one that occurred before you deleted the photos.

It’s important to note that restoring the device from a backup also removes all the changes you made since the backup was created, so you may lose something else you need. This is probably not a good trade-off for a single photo.

People also ask

Can I recover permanently deleted photos from my iPhone?

When you accidentally delete your iPhone photos, try to retrieve them from iCloud if you have a backup. The recently deleted photos can be restored within 30 days if you check your “Recently Deleted” folder. You can also restore them by logging into your iCloud account through the web browser.

Are permanently deleted photos gone forever?

The photo will disappear from view immediately. However, it is not lost permanently. The image is instead sent to the Recently Deleted album in the Photos app, where it remains for 30 days. A recently deleted photo can be returned to your phone during that time.