How to Delete an iCloud Email Account Permanently

How to Delete an iCloud Email Account Permanently

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How to Delete an iCloud Email Account Permanently

iCloud is a free service that allows users to access their email, contacts, and other iCloud-related data, including calendar events, photos, documents, and other files, from their iPhones and iPads.

If you use iCloud to sync your email and contacts with your iPhone or iPad, you’ll be aware that you can add new email accounts to your iCloud account. For example, you can add your new iPhone email account to your iCloud account to automatically sync emails to your iPhone. You can also add email accounts to your iCloud account from other devices, such as an iPad or Mac, to automatically sync emails to that device.

When you first set up your iCloud account, you’ll be asked to set up a few iCloud email accounts. You can add as many email accounts as you like. However, you can only delete one iCloud email account at a time.

If you’ve added an email account to your iCloud account, you can delete it from your device and

The article explains how to permanently delete your iCloud account, which is part of your Apple ID. It also describes how to deactivate your devices on that account, which is a much less drastic and permanent measure.

Here’s what you lose when you delete your iCloud email account

Let’s take a look at exactly what happens when you delete your iCloud email account before we jump into the steps:

  • Apple iBooks, iTunes will no longer offer content or purchases.
  • Permanent deletion will take place of all photos, videos, and documents stored in iCloud.
  • No iMessage, iCloud Mail, nor FaceTime calls will be available until you sign in.
  • Additionally, Apple Pay, iCloud Keychain, Find My iPhone, Game Center, and Continuity will no longer be available.
  • You will also lose data from any third-party apps that use iCloud.
  • Apple Store appointments will be canceled. All Apple Care cases will be permanently closed. 

When you delete your Apple ID, it is permanent. It is important to note that deleting your iCloud email account is not a quick fix. You may have to wait up to seven days to complete the process. The reason for this is that Apple will need to verify that you, and not someone else, are requesting the account be deleted.

Rather than deleting your account completely, temporarily deactivate your account if you think you might need it later. Here’s how to permanently delete your iCloud email account if you wish to do so:

Download your files before deleting your iCloud email

In order to prevent the permanent deletion of your Apple iCloud email, you need to download all files from your iPhone, iPad, Apple computer, and from iCloud. Back up your emails, calendar events, contacts, iTunes purchases, and iBooks purchases, as well as photos and videos.

Remove Apple ID-linked devices before deleting an iCloud account

Before deleting your account, make sure you remove any Apple devices associated with your Apple ID. This will make it easier for you to sign in with your new Apple ID.

  • Go to Apple’s iCloud account and sign in.

How to Delete an iCloud Email Account

  • Once you have signed in, scroll down to the Devices section.
  • Each device’s details will be shown in a pop-out window when you click on its image.
  • In the pop-up window, click Remove From Account at the bottom.
  • You need to do this for each device on your account page until all devices are removed.

You can permanently delete your Apple ID email account using Apple’s Data and Privacy page

When you have downloaded all of your files and purchased items, signed out of all of your devices, and deleted your Apple ID account permanently, you are ready to permanently delete it. Follow these steps:

  • Sign in to your Apple iCloud account if you aren’t already logged in.
  • Under Manage Account, click the words, Go to your Apple ID account page.
  • At the bottom, scroll down and click Manage Your Privacy.
  • The option to delete your account can be found at the bottom of the page. Click Request Deletion to proceed.
  • An option for selecting a reason for your request will appear in a pop-up window.
  • You will be reminded to review the information regarding the deletion of your account by Apple. To continue, review the Deletion Terms & Conditions, and click the box to confirm your agreement.
  • Your contact information will be requested so that Apple can send you account status updates. Use an email address that is NOT connected to the account being deleted.
  • You will receive a unique Apple Support code, which you will need to provide to Apple Support. The Apple Support code can also be used to cancel the deletion process.

Within seven days, Apple will permanently delete the account. However, you can continue to use your Apple ID account until the account is permanently deleted.

People also ask

Why does my old iCloud account keep popping up?

If you have outdated software, you may see the Apple ID sign-in request repeatedly. Tap “Settings”, then “General”, and then “Software Update”. If updates are available, you will see the option to install them. Choose the update.

Why does my Apple ID have someone else’s name?

Installing an app on your iPhone or iPad with another person’s Apple ID is the most common cause of this problem. The next time you log into the App Store, the system will expect you to use the same account.