Best HDMI Splitters of 2024


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Searching for the best HDMI splitters to buy? You just found the right place. When searching for HDMI splitters to buy, things could be trickery. This is based on the majority of splitters available in the market.

Therefore, to make your search easier, we’ve highlighted and reviewed 10 of the best HDMI splitters available in the market today.

These HDMI splitters are durable, compact, easy to set up, and comes to support all kinds of resolutions including 4k and 8k. Having said that, why not take a look at the top 10 HDMI splitters we’ve discovered for you below.

Buyers Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying an HDMI Splitter

Supported Resolution: The primary thing you ought to have at the forefront of your thoughts when choosing which HDMI splitter to purchase is its bolstered resolution. It is consistently the best to go in any event out in front of your present needs and if, for example, you have just 1080p gadgets, you despite everything pick the splitter with 4K support. 4K is the present norm and something you will most likely need later on. Thusly, if your assets permit it, 4K backing ought to be your primary goal.

Compactibility: Maybe you need an HDMI splitter only for your TV or PC signal mirror, which might be overseen by practically any splitter. In any case, consider the possibility that, for example, you choose to include an Xbox into the “condition.

All things considered, the more noteworthy similarity shows its significance and exhibits how more extensive similarity may set aside your cash over the long haul. This is the reason you need to consider the compatibility before you buy and ensure that the picked splitter covers however many gadgets as could be allowed, including your present arrangement.

Guarantee: Rapid mechanical advancement has brought us numerous things, including a wide assortment of items and their costs. In any case, this speed has additionally presented to us a great deal of not-completely created or not-completely tried items, with a faulty by and large quality, which incorporates both known and obscure brands.

As such, a long guarantee period is your lone assurance against low-quality items and an approach to make sure about your venture and not squander your cash. Hence, consistently go for items with the longest guarantee conceivable.

Best HDMI Splitters Compilation Chart

Product Features Where to Buy
IOGEAR 4K 4-Port Switcher

besthdmi splitters

  • 4K support
  • Durable
HDMI Switch 4K HDMI Splitter-Techole Aluminum Bi-Directional HDMI Switcher

hdmi splitters

  • Plug and play
  • 4K video support
HDMI Switch 4k HDMI Splitter-GANA Aluminum Bidirectional HDMI Switcher

gana hdmi splitters

  • Easy setup
  • Smooth performance
Cable Matters 4 Port 4K HDMI Splitter 4K Resolution Ready

HDMI spiltters

  • 4K support
  • Rugged build
Orei 4K 1×8 HDMI Splitter 1 in 8 Out by OREI 

orei hdmi splitter

  • Good compatibility
  • Lightweight
J-Tech Digital 1×16 HDMI 4K@60Hz Splitter

j-tech hdmi splitters

  • Excellent audio support
  • Lightweight
avedio links HDMI Splitter 4K@60hz, HDMI Splitter

hdmi spliters

  • Easy to set up
  • Lightweight


  • Excellent compatibility
  • Support for HDR10

keliyo hdmi splitters

  • Great compatibility
  • Durable
Kinivo 501BN 4K HDMI Switch

  • Supports 3D, 1080P, and 4K resolution
  • Comes with IR remote
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Best HDMI Splitters 4k Compactibility

Kinivo 501BN 4K HDMI Switch

Incredible for entertainment, the Kinivo 501BN 4K HDMI Switch can interface up to five info gadgets to a solitary output display. Despite the fact that this is in fact not a splitter, it works correspondingly and is unquestionably worth notice. What makes this gadget imperative is its capacity to switch between five unique gadgets in a split second.

This is a brilliant element for home theater setups as you don’t need to separate and reconnect numerous gadgets dependent on what you’re doing. Associate data gadgets, for example, a gaming keyboard, PC, laptop, Chromecast, or link box to your TV and switch between each with only a straightforward press of a button.

The progress from one to the next is consistent. In case you’re a rock-solid gamer who appreciates playing on various consoles, interface your Nintendo, Xbox, PS3, PC, and more to the Kinivo 501BN 4K HDMI Switch and appreciate how effectively you can change gears. Exchanging input sources is straightforward.

This Kinivo HDMI switch comes furnished with an auto-switch highlight just as a manual switch choice that can be regulated using the included IR remote. You don’t need to stress over the gadget overheating as it comes arranged with an aluminum body that is intended to help in heat dispersal. In the event that you experience any issues, the Kinivo group is promptly accessible to get you out. Nonetheless, a few clients have referenced that their client care isn’t the best.

This HDMI splitter underpins delightful 3D, 1080P, and 4K resolution, so you can appreciate regular and consistent life hues while watching motion pictures or taking a look at pictures.

Read the full review: Kinivo 501BN 4K HDMI Switch

Pros Cons
Comes with an IR remote None found
Five input sources to one output source


besthdmi splitters

Any individual who needs a decent quality, one-show answer for his/her different gadgets would be happy to find IOGEAR 4-Port Switcher GHSW8441. This is a gadget that offers three HDMI2.0 inputs, bi-directional RS-232 association, and HDCP 2.2 consistence.

Additionally, it underpins 4K recordings at 60Hz and greatest information move velocities of up to 6Gbps per path, or up to 18Gbps joined. IOGEAR 4-Port Switcher GHSW8441 has a metal case and accompanies a three-year guarantee.

Likewise, it takes into consideration the generation of uncompressed Audio arranges and gives a press button control. All the more critically, it conveys a decent quality picture and, gratitude to the RS-232 network, support for all-inclusive remotes, and contact sheet.

Inside and out, on the off chance that you are searching for the best 4K HDMI splitter for either home or office, IOGEAR 4-Port Switcher GHSW8441 is the one you ought to genuinely mull over.

Pros Cons
Quality performance Poor IR receiver
Three-year warranty The interface isn’t user-friendly


HDMI spiltters

Cable Matters 4 Port 4K HDMI Splitter is a quality-constructed HDMI splitter, with one HDMI entry and up to four HDMI output, which makes it ideal for overwhelming clients. Its exhibition is of top quality, which can likewise be said about its highlights that incorporate help for DTS, Dolby Digital, 5.1, and 7.1 sound and a wide range of resolution, among other 30Hz 4K.

Also, Cable Matters 4 Port 4K HDMI Splitter takes into account 3D go through and is perfect with various gadgets that incorporate set-top boxes, Blu-beam and DVD players, TVs, projectors, and so forth. Link Matters 4 Port 4K HDMI Splitter is anything but difficult to utilize; it gives great picture quality and generally speaking it is a profoundly useful home HDMI splitter for an assortment of purposes.

With everything taken into account, in the event that you need a moderate and exceptionally able HDMI splitter for your home interactive media community, Cable Matters 4 Port 4K HDMI Splitter is an ideal alternative for you.

Pros Cons
Support for four displays Not the best quality control
Easy to use


orei hdmi splitter

On the off chance that you are into the mixed media business, or you are only a fan who needs an incredible limit HDMI splitter at a reasonable value, Orei HDS-108 4K 1×8 HDMI Splitter may be the gadget for you.

Be that as it may, don’t anticipate supernatural occurrences. This gadget is anything but difficult to introduce, it conveys an excellent picture and offers an incredible degree of similarity with an assortment of gadgets including Blu-beam players, Apple TV, PS4. PS3, Xbox, Fire Stick, and so forth.

In any case, it has two or three issues, for example, a somewhat higher pace of disappointment and not the best in general quality control. These defects are nothing to stress over, despite everything, do exist. Then again, Orei HDS-108 4K 1×8 HDMI Splitter backings 30Hz 4K and 3D video and is perfect with various sound configurations as Dolby-AC3, DTS-HD, LPCM, and numerous others.

Likewise, this splitter can work with cables that are up to 10 meters in length, it can display up to eight screens structure one source and comes fitted with HDCP 1.2 consistence. Generally speaking, Orei HDS-108 4K 1×8 HDMI Splitter has its restrictions. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are after the best HDMI splitter with an enormous limit, at a sensible value, this gadget is one you ought to truly consider.

Pros Cons
It can display at up to eight screens Not the best quality control
It can work with cables that are up to 10 meters long Issues with reliability

Best HDMI Splitters in Price


hdmi splitters

Finding a modest, yet practical and helpful item is the thing that everyone is endeavoring to do, and fortunately, there are items, for example, Techole HS305 HDMI Splitter that completely fit into that job.

Albeit fundamental, this gadget conveys everything that most of the clients may require: no slack, superb picture quality, and bi-directional usefulness, which permits you to utilize it in either two input/one output blend or one input/two output one.

In any case, know that the subsequent choice has its constraints – you can’t at the same time show on two screens, however the just in a steady progression. At the end of the day, this is to a greater extent a switch than a splitter. Technol HS305 HDMI Splitter doesn’t require outside force, it offers attachment and play usefulness, and is good with an assortment of gadgets, including Xbox, Roku, PS4, PC, and so forth.

Moreover, this gadget permits information transmission of up to 10.2Gbps and bolsters HD sound and both 3D and 4K video. This splitter has a reduced form, it is made out of strong aluminum and offers a conventional, however not very noteworthy two-year guarantee.

Generally speaking, in the event that you are after the best HDMI splitter that you can get nearly for nothing, Techole HS305 HDMI Splitter is most likely the decision that won’t frustrate you.

Pros Cons
Affordable It doesn’t allow for simultaneous displaying on two monitors
Plug and play


gana hdmi splitters

On the off chance that you need a strong, however modest switch/splitter for your 4K TV, the GANA switch might be an extraordinary choice for you.

This gadget isn’t just profoundly reasonable yet additionally includes rich and with extraordinary similarity and backing for different gadget types, for example, PS4, Xbox, Blu-beam, and DVD players, and so on.

GANA HDMI Switch/Splitter backings 3D and 30Hz 4K video, alongside various sound configurations, for example, Dolby TrueHD, DTS, Dolby Digital AC3, and some more.

On account of the bidirectional idea of this switch/splitter you may utilize it with two video data sources and one output, or with one input and two output; all things considered, it can just show on one screen at that point.

GANA HDMI Switch/Splitter takes into account 3.4Gbps input transmission, it is perfect with the HDCP 1.4 norm and gives simple arrangement and agreeable use. All things considered, on the off chance that you need the best HDMI splitter at a little value, GANA HDMI Switch/Splitter ought to be your most elevated need.

Read the full review: GANA HDMI SWITCH/SPLITTERS 4K

Pros Cons
Bi-directional It may not work with certain devices
Affordable Not the best quality control


keliyo hdmi splitters

KELIIYO 4K HDMI Splitter 1 of every 4 is another gadget that offers an incredible incentive for the cash, and all the more significantly, extraordinary execution. It supports 3D and 30Hz 4K transmission, it is good with the HDCP1.4 standard and can work with a scope of gadgets that incorporate Xbox, Play Station 3 and PS4, Fire Stick, Roku, Chromecast, and some more. KELIIYO 4K HDMI Splitter 1 of every 4 is anything but difficult to utilize and can reflect one information signal on up to four yield ones.

In addition, this gadget is fit for concealing to 30 meters of distance and can work with input cables that are up to 10 meters in length and output cables that can go up to 20 meters, which by and large presents its greatest preferred position.

KELIIYO 4K HDMI Splitter 1 of every 4 is light and conservative, it conveys a quality picture and by and large presents a standout amongst other significant distance HDMI splitters you can discover available.

Pros Cons
Affordable Nono found
It can work with 10-meter long input cables and 20-meter long output cables

Best HDMI Splitters in Durability


j-tech hdmi splitters

HDMI splitters are commonly really direct gadgets that have one significant capacity and that is to reflect one info signal into numerous yield ones, and on account of J-Tech Digital 1×16 HDMI Splitter, that is a great number of 16 gadgets.

At the end of the day, it is increasingly reasonable for business utilization and power clients that request enormous limited sight and sound arrangements. J-Tech Digital 1×16 HDMI Splitter backings resolutions from 480p to 30Hz 4K ones and an entire pack of sound arrangements such as Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD, Dolby Digital, and so on.

Likewise, this splitter is perfect with HDCP 1.4 norm and gives slack-free execution that goes hand to hand with its incredible picture quality. In addition, this gadget accompanies a solid form and a somewhat unassuming, yet usable one-year guarantee. Generally, J-Tech Digital 1×16 HDMI Splitter is a strong, high-limit splitter that will accomplish in excess of appropriate activity.

Read the full review: J-TECH DIGITAL 1×16 HDMI SPLITTERS

Pros Cons
It can display on up to 16 monitors It supports only one resolution at the time
Excellent audio support


hdmi spliters

Finding the best HDMI splitter 1 out of 2 out of gadgets may be a risky encounter. Fortunately, that is just until you get acquainted with Avedio cable HDMI Splitter 1×2 that, albeit straightforward and minimized, offers everything that a home or an office client may require.

This gadget is HDCP2.2 agreeable; it supports different resolutions including 4K at 60Hz and is perfect with various sound arrangements, among others: LPCM7.1, DTS, Dolby TrueHD, and so forth.

Additionally, this splitter is good with DVI1.0 and HDMI2.0a guidelines and can be combined with a combination of gadgets that incorporate DVD and Blu-beam players, PS3, PS4, Xbox, numerous streaming gadgets, and a great deal more.  Avedio cable HDMI Splitter is anything but difficult to utilize, it accompanies links included and is by and large entirely strong gratitude to its metal form.

Pros Cons
Lightweight Only two outputs
Comes with cords


In the event that you are not after costly, premium arrangements, yet at the same time need a dependable and effective HDMI splitter, you will be happy to realize that SOWTECH HDMI Splitter ST-CA059 conveys precisely that: incredible quality and a sensible cost in one.

SOWTECH HDMI Splitter is equipped for reflecting one info signal into two output ones while keeping the elevated level of picture quality by doing that. This splitter likewise accompanies fitting and play usefulness and by and large gives convenience.

All the more critically, it is perfect with HDMI V2.0 and HDCP1.4 norms and offers some slick highlights, for example, support for HDR10. In addition, this smart gadget takes into consideration 4K and 3D transmission and furnishes similarity with an enormous base of gadgets, including keyboard, DVD and Blu-beam players, Direct TV, and much more.

All things considered, on the off chance that you are after a strong and proficient 1 of every 2 out splitter arrangement, SOWTECH ST-CA059 is most likely the best one you can discover.

Pros Cons
Excellent compatibility Only two outputs
Support for HDR10

Test Process

During our testing, we relied on the opinion of experts and feedback of clients based on these major factors: durability, Compactibility, and Price.

More analysis of these HDMI splitters was uncovered from further research and online reviews. From results and feedbacks (both positive and negative), we were able to categories each product according to our standard.

If you take a critical look at our review, you’ll discover the manner in which each splitter has been categorized. Also, take note that after our testing, the HDMI splitters that weren’t up to standard were excluded from our list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does HDMI splitter reduce quality?

So as to cure this dread, the picture and audio quality do not decrease when a good HDMI Splitter is utilized! Since the HDMI cable transmits computerized signals and advanced signs can be duplicated without the misfortune of quality, at that point the quality remains the equivalent of the transmission.

Do I need 4k HDMI Splitters?

On the off chance that you have one source and want to impart that source’s sign to numerous TVs, you need an HDMI splitter. So if you have a 4K source, a 4K TV, and a 1080p TV, the 4K source will just send 1080p. The splitter won’t convert the sign to 1080p only for that TV.

What is the HDMI handshake?

Some portion of this correspondence is what is called an “HDMI handshake”, which is the procedure of every gadget perceiving one another and verifying that they are both approved to move this top-notch advanced sign. This procedure is rehashed continually while the advanced sign is being sent over the HDMI connection.


Having read our review, looking for the best HDMI splitters wouldn’t be as hard as it uses to be. All you need to do is to select one among our list of splitters that’s best for you. However, ensure you check all the necessary details of your preferred choice before buying.