August Smart Lock review 2024

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Last Updated on May 1, 2024 by Daniel Osakwe

Smart locks are one of the biggest players right now in a rapidly growing home automation business. This increase in demand has led to a lot of products being produced that vary in terms of features, quality, and price. One new smart lock you’ll want to consider is August Smart Lock by August Home. Adding an August smart lock to your home can solve all kinds of problems, not least of which is getting rid of that third-party key for your home.

August Smart Lock: Design

The August Smart Lock is a rectangular aluminum lump the size of a smartphone that fits onto the back of your door. The lock body attaches to a new backplate without the need for screws or bolts with a neat latching mechanism.

August Smart Lock: Installation and setup

August smart lock review

Installing August Smart Lock is quick and easy: you remove the existing backplate and thumb turn (the latch you turn to close the lock), attach a new backing plate, and then screw in the August Smart Lock. The lock, which is powered by four AA batteries, is held in place by two latches on the side.

A large manual latch on the back secures the gate, which is about the size of an iPhone with twice the thickness. It has a clean, simple design, but it’s pretty obvious. The lock does not work with mortise, rotary, or any other type of lock. August’s site lists the locks tested for compatibility with this lock.

Following a simple set of instructions in the August app, you connect the device to the app after it has been installed and powered on. Throughout this process, we found it to be straightforward and simple. The locks can now be locked remotely and unlocked, and you can also see when a key was used to open the lock.

It is important to note that the August Connect bridge ($66) is necessary to link this lock with your Wi-Fi network. Other than that, Bluetooth is the only way to control the lock. For $219, you can purchase either the lock and Connect module separately or together. Nevertheless, you can connect multiple August locks to the August Connect so that one Connect can control locks on the front, back, as well as internal doors.

August Smart Lock: Smart Home Compatibility

august smart lock

Smart-home platforms are also supported by the August Smart Lock. In addition to supporting Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and home kit, it’s one of the best devices out there. Both are easy to use and set up.

Both require a security code to unlock remotely, so they provide an extra layer of security. The August Connect Wi-Fi bridge is required to take advantage of these features.

August Smart Lock vs. August Smart Lock Pro

A few of the features of the August Smart Lock Pro are not available on the less expensive August Smart Lock. Amazon’s Key service, which gives delivery people access to your house automatically, is not supported. Furthermore, the Smart Lock Pro is Z-Wave Plus compatible, whereas the Smart Lock is not.

August Smart Lock: Features

The DoorSense feature is supported. The lock detects when the bolt has slid into place by attaching a simple magnet to the frame (or embedding it if you are feeling especially courageous). It can therefore detect if the lock has been triggered but the door is still open. Although the lock cannot close itself for you, it’s a useful way to check whether the lock has worked when it’s being triggered remotely.

Also, your phone can be used as a key (or anyone else’s). You can add them to the guest list in the app, and they will receive an invitation to download and install the app so they can unlock your door. It goes one step further with autolocking and auto unlocking.

It will automatically unlock your front door when you approach and lock it when you leave when it is activated. Even though it only locks when it gets about 200 meters (650 feet) away, it is a handy feature if you forget to do it yourself.

With the lock, you can integrate Airbnb. As opposed to handing out keys, guests can download the app to unlock the door as soon as they arrive. You can also receive a notification when they leave the app so that you can proceed to clean up.

August Smart Lock: Accessories

The August Smart Lock does not come with a keypad, but you can purchase one separately for $60. There is no limit to how many codes you can create for specific dates and times. It’s perfect for contractors and guests without smartphones.

Pros Cons
Auto-Lock and Auto-Unlock features To connect to Wi-Fi, a Connect bridge is required
Adaptable settings Amazon Key and Apple Homekit are not supported
Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, Z-Wave, Nest, IFTTT, and more
Installation is simple


It is an excellent choice for the budget-conscious smart homeowner. With only Z-Wave and Homekit support missing, it’s cheaper than August’s Wi-Fi Smart Locks (even with the optional August Connect bridge). If you don’t care about those features, August is our favorite option for making an existing lock smarter without replacing the cylinder or breaking your budget.