Audioengine A2+ PC Speaker Review

Audioengine A2+ PC Speaker Review

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Audioengine A2+ PC Speaker Review

Choosing a speaker product is always complicated. A speaker’s quality isn’t the only factor to consider, but also your budget. In addition to all of that, all of this is dependent on space, that is, how much room you have to listen to music. Due to this, many audiophiles turned to headphone systems with a smaller footprint. However, not everyone is content with headphone systems. Therefore, there will always be a problem choosing speakers.

The desktop speaker has become the ideal choice for users on a budget and for audio environments that they use daily. So again, how should we go about choosing desktop speakers? With so many brands to choose from, finding a reliable one is paramount. My recommendation is that you should consider Audioengine’s A2+ wireless desktop speaker.

An Overview of Audioengine A2+

Founded in 2006, Audioengine is a brand that originates from the United States. Having developed for many years, it has a good reputation both in Europe and America. A number of its products have been recommended by the renowned audiophile publication, ‘What HI-FI’.

After producing custom monitor speaker equipment for professional recording studios, Audioengine later shifted its focus to utilizing technologies and devices from the professional audio field to produce products for home use. In recent years, Audioengine has been focused on creating ease-of-use, high-quality, and convenient PC-HIFI products, which include monitor speakers.

The company’s products are based primarily on customized designs with few off-the-shelf components. Having accumulated years of experience and technological advances in R&D and production of professional audio equipment, its home audio equipment is also professional. It has made significant accomplishments in the field of desktop speakers. Audioengine is, without a doubt, a brand that’s based on technology and focus.

Audioengine A2+ Specs

  • Type: Powered Bluetooth aptX speaker system
  • Amplifier Type: Class AB
  • Power Output: 60 W peak power total (15 W RMS / 30 W peak per channel), AES
  • Drivers: 2.75” aramid fiber woofers, 0.75“ Silk dome tweeters
  • Inputs: 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack, RCA L/R, USB, Bluetooth
  • Outputs: RCA variable line-out
  • Input Voltages: 100-240 V 50/60 Hz auto-switching
  • SNR: >95 dB (typical A-weighted)
  • THD+N: <0.05% at all power settings
  • Crosstalk: <50 dB
  • Frequency Response: 65 Hz-22 kHz ±2.0 dB
  • Input Impedance: 10K ohms unbalanced
  • Protection: Output current limiting, thermal over-temperature, power on/off transient protection
  • Power Consumption: Idle: 10W

Audioengine A2+ Design

Audioengine A2+ PC Speaker Review

With its 2.75-inch Kevlar fiber woofer and 20mm silk tweeter, Audioengine A2+ wireless is quite small. Audioengine A2+ is undoubtedly one of the best desktop speakers available in this era of strength and looks. There is a complicated piano paint process used on the small cabinet associated with concise and smooth lines, and the entire cabinet is minimal, without redundant Design. As a result of the high value, it can be well integrated into a variety of decoration environments.

A 2.75-inch Kevlar fiber rubber woofer ring is extremely elastic. Due to this, when you turn on the Audioengine A2+ wireless, you will feel the low-frequency Power beyond the cabinet. A2+, on the other hand, uses a bass port designed at the front of the speaker, so its cabinet doesn’t have to be close to its back wall. As a result, A2+ can be placed more freely.

In order to understand Audioengine A2+, we need to figure out one thing: the speaker’s location. As for desktop speakers, they are also classified into several categories, and Audioengine A2+ wireless is classified as a PC Hi-Fi speaker, meaning it can be used with laptops/desktops.

When people use Audioengine A2+ speakers for the first time, they usually describe them with two words: quality and refinement. In terms of artistry and materials, Audioengine A2+ is fully demonstrated. A screwed metal terminal is used for mounting the binding post. Artistry and materials contribute to enhancing the user’s impression, while the signal transmission is improved with good artistry and materials. Behind the main speaker is a USB port that connects directly to a computer and plays music. Besides the power and RAC interfaces, there is an audio line interface to connect auxiliary speakers.

There is no separate power switch on Audioengine A2+; the power switch is integrated into the volume control knob. I like the feel of the volume knob. In addition, the knob feels delicate in the hand. Apart from that, A2+ has no power indicator. Clearly, the ideal structure layout is for a specific objective: sound quality.

There are two main and auxiliary speaker designs for the Audioengine A2+ speaker. Unlike the front of the auxiliary box, the back is much more concise, except for two binding posts for speaker wires. As a result, there is no redundant interface, and this difference is also reflected in the weight. It weighs 1.6Kg and 1.4Kg, respectively.

Rubber cushions are used in the design of the Audioengine A2+ desktop speaker. Additionally, there is a screw that can be used to mount the stand in the center of the box. In addition, you may wish to purchase a foam base that tilts to improve audio linearity.

Audioengine A2+: Connection

computer speakers A2+

The Audioengine A2+ computer speaker has two input methods: a USB input with a built-in DAC and a 3.5mm plug without one. Users can directly play music on a computer using the USB connection without having to buy an external DAC, so their budgets are saved.

In addition to its analog audio inputs, the A2+ offers a Bluetooth wireless receiver with AAC, aptX, HD, and apt-X codecs. Listening to music wirelessly is convenient. Today, using smartphones and tablets to take advantage of digital music has become the norm, which led to the birth of A2+. Music lovers using Android devices can now enjoy high-quality online music effortlessly. With A2+ and apt-X HD, users can listen to high-quality audio online seamlessly. In addition to offering excellent sound quality, the AAC format codec also sounds great on iOS devices.

In addition to having RCA and 3.5mm inputs, the Audioengine A2+ computer speaker can also be used wirelessly with Microsoft tablets, Android, or IOS tablets, regardless of the wireless connection type. Featuring a built-in DAC, the Audioengine A2+ speaker is capable of directly transmitting the original digital signal from tablets, laptops, and other equipment when connected to a USB port. Consequently, the computer output is not able to degrade the quality of the user’s audio.

With the Class AB power amplifier architecture, A2+ wireless is fitted with a high-quality audio decoder as well. There are advantages to both Class A and Class B power amplifiers in a Class AB power amplifier. There is a disadvantage of Class AB amplifiers in that they will produce some crossover distortion. However, Class B and Class A power amplifiers are better in terms of efficiency and fidelity.

Sound Performance

A2+ review

Wireless desktop speakers like the Audioengine A2+ have an energy level that goes beyond the physical capabilities, which is why the size of the device never stops surprising you.

Audioengine A2+ wireless has much more advantages than disadvantages in comparison to headphones. Despite not having the same level of detail as headphones, Audioengine A2+ has a resolution that is far above standard. Speakers such as the Audioengine A2+ computer speakers provide the low-frequency power that headphones do not offer. There is no way to obtain that type of low-frequency air tremor while wearing headphones. Furthermore, headphones lack a perfect resolution. One of the main reasons why audiophiles refuse to give up speakers is the more natural and accurate sound simulation and restoration effect.

One could say that the Audioengine A2+ is a desktop box full of passion. In terms of low-frequency performance, the A2+ speakers offer a very balanced performance across high, mid, and low frequencies because of the flexible vocals and the transparent treble. Using warm mid-frequency can convey the emotions of the singer very well.

I highly recommend Taylor Swift’s latest album, “Lover.” It’s brisk and dynamic from beginning to end. Using Wireless Audioengine A2+ desktop speakers enhances this type of music characteristics greatly, enhancing music’s advantages. The A2+ computer speaker is an excellent match for light and colorful music. I liked the way it handled the beat without becoming muddled, and it had a perfect sense of rhythm.

Besides considering dynamics, it considers the sound as well. There is a good distribution of tones among the vocals, and they are spaced out evenly. After listening to very even, dynamic music for a long period of time, the ears will inevitably get tired. However, if you listen to it through the Audioengine A2+, the sound is pleasing to listen to for a long time because of its balance. You might find the music a little airy.

When playing back “Conquest Of Paradise” tracks, Audioengine A2+ speakers are without a doubt impressive. In 1992, Vangelis’s “The 1492 Conquest of Paradise,” the soundtrack for a film he wrote, was released. In addition to describing the soundtrack of the film, it has become a teaching resource for many schools of music.

In the album, the epic style of the title song “Conquest Of Paradise” is both shocking and incredible. A true masterpiece about Columbus’s conquest of South America, the film has also become a cultural icon. It is widely regarded as the second most famous work after Vangelis’ “Chariots of Fire”, mainly because of his intuitive grasp of the meaning and his unique insights into the context. Bringing together many human voices and modern elements created an atmosphere reminiscent of the fifteenth century.

The Audioengine A2+ uses a wide range of dynamic sound effects to convey better effects than Columbus himself intends. Throughout this outstanding album, Vangelis strived to achieve perfection. Columbus and other explorers are said to have faced stormy waves, deadly viruses, and many other obstacles in the New World 500 years ago to finally arrive at the New World with a modern electronic symphony. There is nothing that compares to the epic grandeur of Audioengine A2+. As a film soundtrack, it belongs to the most successful ones of the 1990s.

As a result of the tumbling and surging sounds displayed by the Audioengine A2+ speakers, a strong sense of height and depth is created in the sound field space. This sounds particularly spectacular because the sound of the vocal chant conveys roaring, clear, brilliant flavors.

The Good: In spite of its size, the Audioengine A2+ provides high-quality sound in a stylish, powerful set of stereo speakers. In addition to adding the digital USB connection, this “plus” version has an optional subwoofer output, as well as an improved power connector.

The Bad: There is no remote control for the speakers, the volume control is on the back, and there is no way to change inputs. In addition to being expensive, Audioengine speakers are also not very refined.


Despite a small size, Audioengine A2+ Wireless speakers offer a considerable amount of power that can fill a small listening space, exquisite artistry, a minimalist appearance, and great accessories make Audioengine A2+ speakers any user’s dream speaker. A listener will not be disappointed by the soft, gentle style. My only regret when it comes to using Audioengine A2+ desktop speakers is that I didn’t get started earlier!