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Violux Luma Pro Review

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Violux Luma Pro Review


  • Great design with self-contained UV-C
  • Lab-tested and trusted
  • Comes with an app
  • Helpful light and sound indicators


  • Large footprint
  • Lacks child lock on the door

So, I’ve been using this product for a while now and really like it. It is one of the more expensive products in this field, but in my opinion, it’s worth it. I’ll try and give my honest review, so you can decide if you want to buy this or not.

Violux Luma Pro: Overview

Home UV-C cleaning is made even more convenient by the Violux Luma Pro because it has an app. With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, you can set up this intelligent, chemical- and ozone-free sanitizer, check on the UV-C lamps, and set up cleaning reminders.

This medical lab-tested, third-party IAC-certified gadget effectively eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and germs on surfaces. The firm advises use on everything from tablets and cellphones to pacifiers based on that testing and the roomy build.

Although the style is posh and sophisticated, similar to costlier home appliances, it does take up a substantial amount of room. The Luma Pro may be useful in both homes and offices once you locate the best location for it and set it up. This is because of how user-friendly the complete experience is.


The Luma Pro shines out with its feature set and higher price range if you’re looking for a high-quality and dependable UV-C light sanitizer for your house. The Luma retails for $800, but you might be able to purchase one for $500 as part of an offer. This sanitizer is a wise investment in either case. The Luma Pro’s combination of smart features, 360-degree cleaning, and extremely quick cycles are what set it apart from competing products, which is reflected in the higher asking price.

Its decreased pricing puts it more in line with rivals who also provide top-tier, safe designs and technological advancements supported by independent lab testing.

Violux Luma Pro Review: Design

  • Sleek design
  • Large footprint
  • Can fit large phones and tablets

Violux luma pro

At 25 pounds and 16 inches broad, the oblong Luma Pro has a sizable footprint. Because of obstructions from the cupboards, I had trouble getting it to fit on a kitchen counter. Ideally, you’ll need a freestanding surface, like an open countertop or tabletop, that is at least 17.5 inches deep and has 15.625 inches of clearance.

The company advises use on everything from pacifiers to tablets and cellphones, based on those tests and the roomy structure.

The good news is that it’s neither unsightly nor off-putting once you find a place for it. The Luma Pro is made of sturdy black plastic and stainless steel, giving it the appearance of an elegant mini fridge. It is particularly prone to fingerprinting, just like any stainless-steel device.

Four UV lamps (two on top, two on bottom) that produce 32 watts of cleaning power are located within. The optical quartz floor is also very reflective, promising to provide superior UV-C light distribution and aid in surface disinfection. The interior is very contemporary and mirror-like.

The door closes and opens with reliability, and the handle is simple to grasp. When positioning the gadget, keep in mind that it doesn’t swing open very widely. Even though the door lacks a safety lock, if it is accidentally opened in the middle of a cycle, the lamps will turn off to safeguard the user.

Violux Luma Pro Review: Setup Process

  • Plug-and-play
  • Changing the lamps might be tricky
  • User manual not available

luma phone sanitizer

Although the Luma is essentially plug-and-play, it is crucial to perform a visual check and arrange a few objects before beginning. Although there is nothing on the internet or in the user manual that comes with the Luma Pro, these materials may soon be available.

With my test unit, I was given clear instructions on how to insert the two stainless steel grates, and a glass plate, and check to make sure all the lights are securely fastened.

I had no trouble inspecting the bulbs, but I struggled with the accessories. The metal grates, which, according to what I’ve been told, protect the lamps and other items you put inside the Luma Pro, have notches that appear to fit into slots in the top and bottom of the gadget.

It became nearly difficult to precisely put them into place without harming the interior after at least 20 minutes of attempting. When trying to fit the grates near the door, there is a significant blind spot. In the end, all that was left on the bottom of the unit was the glass plate and the grate with legs.

I checked the gadget visually and plugged it in, then downloaded the accompanying software, but the Bluetooth connection didn’t function. Pushing the button on the device’s bottom, the inner edge worked as intended to put the Luma Pro in pairing mode. However, it did quickly establish a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection.

Once connected to the Violux mobile app, I could check to see if all the lights were working and start cleaning cycles.

Violux Luma Pro Review: Performance

  • Speedy cleaning
  • Simple control
  • Led indicators

The Luma Pro has two quick cleaning modes: the normal cycle, which lasts 60 seconds, and the extended cycle, which lasts 120 seconds. There is no way to increase the time increment, but you can repeat these cycles as much as you like.

Simple controls make the Luma Pro easy to use. Press the bottom edge button once for the basic cycle and twice for the extended mode after placing the goods inside. Depending on your selection, you’ll hear a corresponding number of beeps. The lamps and an LED status light on the outer bottom edge of the Luma Pro both turn on once the door is closed.

When it’s sanitizing, it glows red; when it’s finished, it shines white and blinks. The app will notify you when it’s finished, and you’ll hear a dinging sound when it quits. In the Violux app, I set up cycle reminders and notifications, and these messages arrived reliably each time.

After only a few cleaning cycles and a few days of use, I only sometimes encountered performance issues. One of the lamps had failed, and the Luma Pro had alerted me to this. It accomplished this in a number of ways, including by making a low, sort of incorrect-answer buzzer sound, flashing a red LED pattern, and stopping the cycle altogether. The supplemental app verified that one bulb wasn’t working and recommended it needs to be replaced.

Although the Violux app offers useful textual and visual directions for executing this repair, it does not provide a mechanism to buy the bulbs. However, the app provides direct access to customer service. All of this is to indicate that the Luma Pro won’t function if even a single bulb is broken.

The Luma Pro will need manual assistance when a UV bulb becomes loose or needs to be replaced.

I was about to give up and start looking for a replacement when I realized that the bulb examination I conducted after I unboxed it might be crucial to the problem. After a few cycles, there must have been some moving for the bulb in question to become loose. I struggled for a while to get it tight into place, twisting the bulb until there was no slack. It wasn’t secure, even when it appeared to be.

I went through this process multiple times: unplugging the gadget, tightening the bulb, re-plugging the Luma Pro, and beginning the typical cleaning procedure. After approximately 20 minutes or so, it finally started working, and from that point on, I was careful to prevent jostling when placing and removing objects.

The solution, while not particularly difficult, required more work than I had anticipated. Although Violux claims that the Luma Pro is chemical and ozone free, you should be aware that given the way this device is built, you might have to handle the UV bulbs, which contain mercury, if you don’t feel comfortable doing so. The Luma Pro will need personal, hands-on attention when a bulb becomes loose and needs adjustment or replacement.

Key Features

  • Connectivity 
  • 360-degree cleaning

luma pro

The Luma Pro’s smart component is one of its most notable features. By monitoring the bulbs and setting up cleaning reminders, the Violux app (available for Android and iOS) enables you to set up numerous Luma Pro devices and manage them in any room they’re in. Additionally, you may see cleaning activity per device. I had no trouble doing either.

On my smartphone, I also turned-on notifications to notify me when the cleaning cycles were finished. These notifications came a little before the Luma Pro started to ring, but they still provided another useful cue that it was okay for me to go get what was inside.

Violux’s unique UV-C technology for 360-degree cleaning is another important component. According to the manufacturer, the UV lamps have a UV-C wavelength of 254nm, which puts them in the 200-280nm range of germicidal lamps. Larger items can be cleaned well in just one to two minutes without needing to spin or reorient them because of the location of the lamps, the optical quartz floor, and the 2,210 cubic inch capacity.

Luma UV Pro vs. Purify-One UV Box

The Luma Pro has few direct rivals that can match its capabilities, but the Purify-One UV Box provides potent at-home UV sanitization in a somewhat different approach. It employs UV-C LED technology and has a $300 suggested retail price. The Purify-UV One’s lights provide 27 watts of power over brief cycles with a 3-minute timer. They operate at higher 260-280nm wavelengths. This rival, unlike the Luma Pro, also provides storage and intelligent drying and is totally free of glass and mercury.

The Purify-One UV Box is similar to some of the best phone sanitizers in that it weighs 4.1 pounds, is 10.5 inches broad, 6 inches tall, and 12 inches long, and is generally much more portable. More adaptability for travel is provided via the USB-C input and built-in carrying handle. The lack of space for larger goods is a compromise for this portability.

The two devices’ design elements also appeal to various aesthetic tastes. The Luma Pro has a glass door with a handle and high-end, glossy materials, whereas the Purify-One is made of plastic and has a top-button menu and a more typical lid-style opening. Additionally, the Luma Pro stands out as the only available smart UV sanitizer.


A distinctive smart UV-C sanitizer for homes and businesses is the Violux Luma Pro. Overall, the design is slick and user-friendly even though it needs to be handled carefully and placed in a place with enough space for it to be used properly. Violux’s lab testing and more informed, practical operation made possible by the accompanying app gives those considering making an investment in advanced UV sanitization at home more confidence.


  • Product Name: Luma Pro
  • Product Brand: Violux
  • MPNLP-2021-Black-Silver
  • Release Date: January 2021
  • Weight: 22.5 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions: 16 x 15.625 x 17.5 in.
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: 1 year

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