Best Phone Sanitizers of 2024


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Best Phone Sanitizers

Products Features Where to buy (New) Where to buy (pre-owned)
PhoneSoap v3

PhoneSoap 3 Phone Sanitizer

Effectiveness: 99.99% | Size: 6.8 L x 3.74 W x .78 H Get it on Amazon Get it on eBay
PhoneSoap HomeSoap

PhoneSoap XL review

Effectiveness: 99.99% | Size: 13.2 L x 3.7 W x 9.2 H Get it on Amazon Get it on eBay
HoMedics UV-Clean Phone Sanitizer

HoMedics UV-Clean Phone Sanitizer

Effectiveness: 99.99% | Size: 9.38 L x 1.25 W x 4.75 H Get it on Amazon Get it on eBay
KeySmart CleanTray

KeySmart CleanTray

Effectiveness: 99.99% | Size: 8.30 L x 4.50 W x 1.60 H Get it on Amazon Get it on eBay
Violux Luma Pro

Violux luma pro

Effectiveness: 99.9 percent | Size: 16×15.625×17.5 inches Get it on Amazon Get it on eBay
Casetify UV Sanitizer Lite

best phone sanitizers

Effectiveness: 99.99% | Size: 7.9 L x 5.1 W x 1.8 H Get it on Amazon Get it on eBay
HoMedics UV-Clean Portable Sanitizer Bag

HoMedics UV-Clean Portable Sanitizer Bag

Effectiveness: 99.99% | Size: 6.8 L x 3.74 W x .78 H Get it on Amazon Get it on eBay
UV Care Pocket Sterilizer

UV Care Pocket Sterilizer

Effectiveness: 99.99% | Size: 4.92 L x 1.38 W x 0.98 inches Get it on Amazon Get it on eBay
SKT Productions iRoller

SKT Productions iRoller

Effectiveness: Non-sanitizing | Size: 3.5 L x 1 W x 1 H Get it on Amazon Get it on eBay

If you are looking for the best phone sanitizers, you will be happy to know that you are in the right place. You will find reviews and information about the best phone sanitizers on the market.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best phone sanitizers on the market.

Note: apart from phones, there’s sanitizing equipment can be used to sanitize other items like jewels, tablets, and other items.

The finest phone sanitizer available is PhoneSoap 3, which is straightforward and simple to use. Even ABC’s iconic TV program Shark Tank and Discovery Channel have tested it out.

It is claimed that PhoneSoap 3 can eradicate 99.99 percent of all bacteria and other germs on cell phones by using ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Two medical-grade UV-C lights—one at the base and the other on the lid—are part of its patented design, and the phone is positioned on a transparent quartz plate in between them.

PhoneSoap 3’s inside is completely covered with reflective paint, ensuring that the phone (or any other item placed on the plate) will be completely sanitized in just 10 minutes. Two USB connections (one Type-A and one Type-C) are included with the sanitizer, allowing you to effortlessly charge your smartphone while it’s being disinfected.

The acoustic outlets on PhoneSoap 3 make it possible to easily hear alarms and notification alerts even when the device is in the sanitizer since they enhance sounds from the cell phone.

PhoneSoap 3 is a universally compatible mobile phone cleaner that comes in a variety of hues, including black, orchid, and silver.

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Pros Cons
Also fits earbuds, watches, and other devices You can’t see the results
Kills most bacteria Doesn’t clean smudges, dirt, etc.

PhoneSoap XL review

Claimed Effectiveness: 99.99% | Size: 13.2 L x 3.7 W x 9.2 H | Charging/Power Type: Power cable | Sanitizing Time: 10 minutes

Because many people use tablets along with their cell phones and because the era of small cell phones is essentially over, a phone sanitizer must be large enough to sterilize these substantial devices.

HomeSoap is designed to sanitize all the electronics and other odd objects you could have lying around the house, from cutlery to books and beyond, as its name suggests. It can readily accommodate large tablets, such as the iPad Pro from Apple. HomeSoap, employs ultraviolet (UV) rays to kill 99.99% of bacteria that cause illness on smartphones. It can disinfect any equipment in around fifteen minutes with two large bulbs.

When the sterilization is complete, the device’s blue indicator light will turn on. You may charge any gadget while the sanitizer is working thanks to a universal USB connector on the back. HomeSoap is available in two colors—white and black—and is covered by a one-year warranty.

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Pros Cons
Holds larger and/or multiple devices Won’t clean off smudges, dirt
Useful for other household items Large, awkward, angular shape

Violux luma pro

Claimed Effectiveness: 99.9 percent | Size: 16×15.625×17.5 inches | Charging Type: AC power | Sanitizing Time: 1 to 2 minutes

The Violux Luma Pro is a smart UV-C sanitizer that has undergone laboratory testing, according to its manufacturer, and is proven to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria and germs that are present on surfaces. The boxy device, which weighs 25.5 pounds and has inside dimensions of 12.5×14.25×13.125 inches and an external dimension of 16×15.625×17.5 inches, can accommodate both small and large objects.

The Luma Pro sports a glass door made of UV-C resistant glass to protect users in addition to inside stainless-steel grates that safeguard the bulbs and items placed inside and a durable stainless steel and plastic design.

Four UV lights are used by the Luma Pro to offer 360-degree disinfection. This sanitizer provides lightning-fast 1- and 2-minute cleaning cycles that are managed by a single button on the inside edge of the appliance. To set up the Luma Pro, monitor the lamps, and set up cleaning reminders, use the Violux app that comes with it.

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Pros Cons
Sleek design with self-contained UV-C Large form factor
Comes with a companion app No child lock on the door

HoMedics UV-Clean Phone Sanitizer

Claimed Effectiveness: 99.99% | Size: 9.38 L x 1.25 W x 4.75 H | Charging/Power Type: Power cable | Sanitizing Time: 1 minute

The Homedics UV-Clean phone sanitizer is efficient, small, and quick. Its pop-up design enables purifying UV light to penetrate every square centimeter of any device that you place within. It is without a doubt your greatest option for keeping your phone free of unwelcome germs and other dangerous pathogens, and it is far less expensive than the majority of full-size, UV phone sanitizers of this type.

Two UV-C germicidal LEDs in this stylish zip-up case work together to kill germs in under a minute. Thanks to its incredible battery life, you may use this case up to 70 times before needing to recharge it. Regardless of the model, the UV-Clean is large enough to suit almost any phone size while remaining portable and light enough to carry about.

Pros Cons
Pop-up design for maximum UV coverage the phone has to be flipped over
Fits virtually any smartphone

KeySmart CleanTray

Claimed Effectiveness: 99.99% | Size: 8.30 L x 4.50 W x 1.60 H | Charging/Power Type: USB-A | Sanitizing Time: 5 minutes

This UV sanitizer from KeySmart is a great option if you want to buy a gift for some of the most difficult-to-shop-for folks on your list without spending a lot of money. This small beauty doubles as an essential oil diffuser/humidifier, infusing the room with delightful scents while it kills all the germs and bacteria on your gadgets. While disinfecting your phone may not seem like the most practical gift idea, it does remove all the germs and bacteria on your devices.

The sanitizer, which comes in a stylish gift box, is the ideal present for someone who seems to have everything and is suitable for everything from your phone to jewelry, silverware, or earbuds. Due to its size, you can conveniently fit your phone and several other small items inside.

Pros Cons
Incredibly easy to use No device charging capability
Includes an essential oil diffuser

best phone sanitizers

Claimed Effectiveness: 99.99% | Size: 7.9 L x 5.1 W x 1.8 H | Charging/Power Type: USB-C | Sanitizing Time: 6 minutes

Casetify’s UV Sanitizer Lite is a powerful sanitizer that is simple to carry with you wherever you go. Although it is small and portable, it is still big enough to work with all cellphones (and can easily accommodate keys, accessories, and lots of other commonly handled items). Additionally, it can be recharged by USB, so you can plug it in almost anywhere.

Even though it is smaller, Casetify still kills 99.9% of the bacteria that are on your phone, according to its manufacturer. Additionally, it operates in a full 360-degree arc, eliminating the need to remove and flip your phone to ensure that the entire device is bathed in purifying UV light.

Pros Cons
USB powered Light on extras
360-degree UV light

HoMedics UV-Clean Portable Sanitizer Bag

Claimed Effectiveness: 99.99% | Size: 6.8 L x 3.74 W x .78 H | Charging/Power Type: Micro-USB to USB-A | Sanitizing Time: 1 minute

The phone sanitizer farther down this list is somewhat different from the HoMedics UV-Clean Portable Storage Bag. This HomMedics model is made to fit into your daily carry so you may sterilize a range of objects while you’re out and about. It’s available in black, red, and gray and adds some style to your carry. Its cloth texture blends in well with the cases for your sunglasses.

Despite its small size, its manufacturer claims that four UV-C LED lights inside can kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. One of the fastest phone sanitizers on the market, the sanitization procedure just takes one minute. Phones, keys, jewelry, glasses, remote controls, smartwatches, earbuds, and pretty much anything else that fits inside may all be stored in it. The battery can be recharged.

Pros Cons
Portable and stylish design Interior capacity could be a bit bigger
Very fast sanitizing

UV Care Pocket Sterilizer

Claimed Effectiveness: 99.99% | Size: 4.92 L x 1.38 W x 0.98 inches| Charging/Power Type: USB-C | Sanitizing Time: 2 seconds-3 minutes

A portable UV-C sanitizer for personal items like smartphones, keyboards, and purses is called the UV Care Pocket Sterilizer. This foldable UV sterilizer weighs only 2.3 ounces, measures under 5 inches when folded, and unfolds to a length of 9 inches. It fits quite easily into jacket pockets and small bag compartments—our product tester hardly even noticed it was there. For maximum portability, this sanitizer runs on four AAA batteries instead of a built-in battery. If you need to use it immediately or if you plan to use it exclusively in one location, you can also use the included micro-USB to a USB power cord.

The effects and hazards are imperceptible, like with all portable UV-C sanitizers using wand-style devices. When it comes to using this pocket sanitizer, the procedure is straightforward, but caution is advised. The device’s single button must be pressed for three seconds before it turns on, and an LED indicator lets you know whether it is on or off. UV Care advises using this product carefully and keeping it 0.25 inches away from the target surface for at least 10 seconds.

While it’s important to keep the lamp away from your skin and eyes, the maker also made sure to include a safety switch on the wand that activates if the bulb is turned upward. Although our tester found this function to be trustworthy and the device’s general operation to be as simple as stated,

Pros Cons
Compact and portable Not rechargeable
Uses UV-C sterilization UV exposure risk

SKT Productions iRollerClaimed Effectiveness: Non-sanitizing | Size: 3.5 L x 1 W x 1 H | Charging/Power Type: Uncharged | Sanitizing Time: ~1 minute

Although UV-light-based phone sanitizers are excellent, finding a wall outlet to plug them in or replace their batteries is still a bother. However, that doesn’t imply that there aren’t any other options. iROLLER is a power-free phone sanitizer that you should get to know.

The iROLLER is, as its name implies, primarily intended for cleaning touchscreens and is designed like a little roller. Simply run it over the touchscreen of your smartphone or tablet a few times to rapidly remove all of those grubby fingerprints, smudges, bacteria, and stains.

Mini iROLLER is small enough to fit in your pocket and be carried anywhere and has a revolutionary liquid-free design. It is not necessary to wash this unique sanitizer after every use because it is reusable.

Pros Cons
Doesn’t require power Requires re-rolling to thoroughly clean a screen
Reusable and doesn’t require frequent cleaning

Buyers Guide: What to Look for in Phone Sanitizers Before Buying


Do you intend to travel with a phone sanitizer? Since there are microorganisms everywhere, in that situation, battery-operated handheld sanitizers are preferable; these typically come in the form of wands that you brush over your device. There are sanitizers available that don’t even need electricity. These will quickly remove greasy fingerprints but won’t protect against germs as well.

Charging Capability

When charging and sanitizing can be done simultaneously, why just sanitize? Leveling up will give you access to charging capabilities if you have some additional money. Some even have Qi wireless charging for extra convenience. Some have USB connectors that permit charging while cleaning.


The majority of phone sanitizers available have a wide range of compatibility, but before making a purchase, be sure the one you want is compatible with your phone. Larger versions may not fit in some designs that completely enclose the phone. Other solutions, including tablets, are designed expressly for larger devices.

The verdict

The PhoneSoap v3 is the top phone cleaner available. It is manufactured by a trustworthy company and has undergone testing to demonstrate that 99.9% of bacteria are eradicated. Additionally, it features charging options and two UV-C lamps so you can charge your phone as you disinfect. Our favorite is the PhoneSoap HomeSoap for larger gadgets. Although it is more expensive, it has a larger inside space, two UV-C lamps, and allows for simultaneous charging and complete disinfection.