SolidTek DM-L2 DigiMemo Digital Notepad Review

SolidTek DM-L2 DigiMemo Digital Notepad Review

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Last Updated on December 1, 2023 by Daniel Osakwe

Consider the possibility of taking your graphics tablet everywhere with you and being able to capture text, images, and notes. Solidtek DM-L2 DigiMemo digital notepads let you do exactly this. Essentially, it is an all-in-one device that captures the pen writing onto any paper. Whenever you move the pen, the results are recorded and sent as a BMP, JPG, GIF, or PNG file back to your PC.

SolidTek DM-L2 DigiMemo Notepad: Features

  • Take notes on regular paper with an ink pen, and…
  • The internal memory is 32 MB, with a CompactFlash expansion slot…
  • This page is 8.5 inches by 11 inches when printed in full letter size.
  • It includes DigiMemo Manager software so you can view, edit, and…

This unit comes with 32MB of built-in memory but offers the option of upgrading to CompactFlash cards if you wish. Additionally, the SolidTek DM-L2 has a battery life of around 100 hours with 3 AAA batteries. As an alternative to a USB graphics tablet, this is a very cool product that comes in at a very reasonable price.

SolidTek DM-L2 DigiMemo Notepad: Benefits

Solidtek pen

If you used an electronic clipboard to fill out a form, each entry you made would be stored as an image you could later print or store.

Drawing and sketching will be a great use of this device, and it will allow you to express yourself wherever and whenever you want.

Start drawing any type of paper once it is turned on and placed on the machine. Once you have finished, connect the DM-L2 to your computer and download your image so you can work on it further or print it.

Customers’ reviews

This pad is now used all the time by my dad. This application comes in handy for storing notes electronically and keeping a paper backup because he is not a fan of electronic records. The fact that you can use a standard pen or paper with this product and still achieve great results is a great feature! (Anonymous)

After a week of using it, I’m satisfied with it. This product works very well-good accurately (especially compared to other products), integrates well with OneNote 2010 (and I hope it will be added to 2013 soon). It’s easy to assume that the pen doesn’t need anything, but it is also easy to assume it won’t last past a few pages. When in fact, you need an actual working battery inside, and the battery is packaged separately from everything else in foam along with some plastic. This is, however, a normal watch battery. (Anonymous)

Pros Cons
A sturdy surface for writing It would be better if it were lighter.
Easily upload notes from a desktop, tablet, or laptop to any computer and edit them further.
The reproduction is extremely accurate when compared to the original.
Suitable for use with any standard paperweight and ink pen!

Why buy the SolidTek DM-L2 DigiMemo Notepad?

With the DigiMemo L2 Digital Notepad and Digital Inking Pen kit, you can create a form-filling application that requires both hardcopy and digital filling data. With a digital notepad, you are able to store information wirelessly. A computer and special paper are not needed to capture and store the writing or drawings you make with ink on ordinary paper. Once you have created your notes, you can view, edit, organize, and share them via Windows or Mac.

With the DigiMemo L2, you can write on paper and have it instantly synchronized with the digital page at the same time via its PC software. Sending files and sharing them with others can be done via e-mail. Alternatively, it is a tablet that works on Windows and Mac.