Samsung NU7300 Curved TV Review

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Last Updated on September 1, 2023 by Daniel Osakwe

The Samsung NU7300 is a respectable 4k TV with profound blacks when seen from straightforwardly in-front, yet the picture corrupts when seen at a point. It needs further developed highlights found on better quality TVs like neighborhood darkening and a wide color range, yet has a good picture quality. The picture corrupts when seen at a point, so it’s anything but useful for the individuals who have wide seating. The TV has brilliant low information slack which is extraordinary for gamers, yet motion handling is just good.

Samsung NU7300 Curved TV: Design

Samsung NU7300 Curved TV Review

While the curved shape will not actually improve your survey insight on a 55-inch TV except if you sit uncommonly near the screen, it upgrades the NU7300’s plan. There’s simply something exquisite and even abnormally quieting about the curved shape – particularly as here it lays adorably on a couple of thin, glimmering metallic feet. In the event that you would prefer not to set your screen on a diversion community, you can wall-mount the NU7300 setup also. Just know that the curved plan can look very bulky and thick on the off chance that you drape it on your wall.

The set’s completion is a touch plasticky however is saved by a welcome metallic trim to its external edges. Dissimilar to better quality Samsung TVs, the NU7300 conveys the entirety of its associations on its back, as opposed to on an outer associations box. On the 55-inch rendition of the TV, these associations incorporate three HDMIs, a couple of USBs, and both Ethernet and underlying Wi-Fi network alternatives. A fourth HDMI may have been pleasant, however in truth three will probably get the job done for most families.

Design TL;DR: The NU7300’s assemble quality is nothing unique, however, its edge is appealing, and its curved shape ensures that it stands apart from the group.

Samsung NU7300 Curved TV: HD/SDR Performance

Samsung NU7300 Curved TV Review

To our extraordinary astonishment, the NU7300 is at its best with HD, standard unique reach content as opposed to high powerful reach stuff. First of all, it’s anything but an astounding position for its cash of upscaling HD TV shows and movies to its local 4K resolution. These upscaled pictures look more point by point, more pixel-rich, and more honed without looking noisier or prepared than we for the most part see on such moderate TVs. Edges are improved, as well, without the backup of ghosting or pushing, and shadings hold their normal tones – just as getting more refined mixes.

The upscaling preparation is adequately quick, as well, to improve the resolution without enduring slack or obscuring when there’s a great deal of movement to deal with. The NU7300 has sufficient differentiation, brilliance and color reach to help you to remember exactly how much nuance, accuracy, and imaginativeness can go into an excellent SDR picture. You can, in the event that you like, bring in Samsung’s HDR+ features, which change over SDR pictures into HDR.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t fill in as adequately as it does on Samsung’s all the more top-of-the-line TVs. Color doesn’t look very as conceivable, and dark levels don’t look as persuading. Adhere to the TV’s ‘local’ SDR modes, however, and you have an HD/SDR execution that hardly any different TVs in a similar value section can coordinate.

HD/SDR Performance TL;DR: You truly battle to track down another 4K TV for the very cash that handles ‘inheritance’ content better compared to the NU7300.


Sound execution is a solid point for the NU7300 – it can go boisterous enough to make a vividly enormous soundstage without sounding fragile or stressed. Voices sound balanced and unmistakable, while bass levels don’t endure with twists or cause the TV edge to snap or shake (despite the fact that they don’t get especially profound). The mid-range has barely sufficient unique reach to its name to empower it to change up a gear or two to deal with a mounting activity scene.

Our fundamental grievance about the 55-inch NU7300’s sound is that the absence of any front-oriented speakers implies that a periodic sound, especially male discourse, can seem like it’s fighting against the imminent loss of the TV, as opposed to the onscreen activity.

Sound Performance TL;DR: The 55NU7300 produces significantly more including an incredible sound execution than by far most cheap 4K TVs.

Build Quality

The form quality is respectable. The plastic feel is prevailing, yet there are no holes in the development and the TV is strong.

Pros Cons
Attractive curved design No Youview/Freeview Play
Pictures look good The curved screen seems pointless
Good smart platform Some backlight distractions
Good value for money Not very bright


Despite the fact that it’s anything but as splendid as we may have trusted given that it’s a Samsung HDR TV, the NU7300 actually conveys fresh, nitty-gritty, brilliant pictures with HDR and SDR pictures same. It sounds fair as well, and its brilliant highlights are noteworthy for the cash. In any case, some diverting backdrop illumination issues sabotage it’s anything but excessively much for solace and, shockingly, the arch of its 55-inch screen ostensibly accomplishes more harm than anything.