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One For All Streamer Remote (Essence 4) Review

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Last Updated on December 1, 2023 by Daniel Osakwe

Review of the One For All Streamer Remote – All-in-One Remote

Just as the title suggests, this is one remote that is designed for all streamers, whether you’re new to the game or have been streaming for years. In this review, we’ll be discussing the features, specs, and pros and cons of the All-in-one Remote.

One For All Streamer Remote: Features

One For All Streamer Remote

This entry-level streaming remote is solidly built, and it’s capable of controlling four devices. One of its most notable features is the “SimpleSet” option.

This universal remote lets you manually enter four-digit codes for a variety of well-known electronics brands.

A ‘SimpleSet’ of codes has been pre-programmed into the device for the top 10 manufacturers in various product categories, including Samsung, Panasonic, and Sony for TVs, as well as Sky, Humax, and Philips for set-top boxes.

If your TV and home cinema kit are on the “SimpleSet” list, you can set up the Essence 4 to control them by simply entering a single-digit number for each one.

As a result of the SimpleSet feature, I was able to program the handset to work with a Samsung TV and a few other devices from well-known brands. Unfortunately, it did not work with my Freeview HD box from FetchTV.

I did manage to find basic controls using the search mode, but I still had to use the more laborious training mode to program in a few key commands for features such as the electronic program guide.

Why should you buy the One-For-All Streamer Remote Control?

It’s a good, basic universal remote control for your television and one or two other devices.

It is probably best to look elsewhere for something with more sophisticated features if you want to mix and match different AV equipment from different manufacturers.

Pros Cons
Easy to use. The training mode is cumbersome.
Durable No more than four devices are permitted.

Customers’ Review

I enjoy using this remote. It works just as described, and it’s easy to set up. It’s also very affordable. I’d love for you to try it out. –Daniel from Chili

I needed a universal remote so badly, and someone recommended this to me. From my experience, it’s been good. I’ve had no issues with this device. Although I wish it could control a little bit more than four devices, —Christopher from Turkey

One For All Streamer Remote: Conclusion

The Streamer Universal Remote is a universal remote control for all types of streaming media players. This remote has everything you need to control your TV, DVD, Blu-ray player, Blu-ray recorder, digital video recorder (DVR), and audio/video system.

It is compatible with every type of streaming media player, from the most common ones, like Netflix, Pandora, and Spotify, to the more advanced ones, like Apple TV, Apple TV 4, and Roku. It can be used to control a wide variety of devices but has a time limit of four at a time.