Why You Need a Surge Protector

6 Reasons Why You Need a Surge Protector in Your Home

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Reasons Why You Need a Surge Protector in Your Home.

Over the last decade, the surge protector has gone from being a rare item to a necessity for any home or office. The surge protector is a device that protects your electronics from being damaged by a surge, a spike in voltage, caused by a power outage.

Surges occur from thunderstorms, lightning, and other natural phenomena. They are also caused by electrical equipment being turned on and off, and this can damage your computer or other electronics.

In this article, we’ve mentioned 6 reasons why you need a surge protector in your home or office.

6 Reasons Why You Need a Surge Protector in Your Home

Why You Need a Surge Protector

Surge protection is essential.

This feature prevents your electronics from being harmed in a power surge, which is typically caused by a storm, by diverting sudden voltage rises away from sensitive machinery. Smaller, less obvious power spikes can degrade the lifespan of your electronics even without a storm. Joules, a unit of energy measurement, are used to rate protection.

Michael Richard, director of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers’ construction and maintenance section, advises that you should have no less than 2,000 joules for electronics like PCs, home theaters, and audio equipment.

They come with USB ports

Nowadays, a number of power strips come with USB ports in addition to the standard three-pronged grounded outlets. A good space saver is to simply plug your phone’s charging wire into one of the USB ports rather than into an outlet adaptor.

They are more flexible

Modern oversized plugs can block the adjacent outlets on a conventional power strip, preventing you from using it to its maximum potential. In order to address this, new strips either space outlets widely apart or enable them to pivot up to 90 degrees.

Modern versions feature raised floor seating.

Manufacturers are aware that we frequently use cables of varying lengths that may not extend all the way to the floor to plug in numerous gadgets on tables and nightstands. Easy access is essential.

As a result, they created disc-shaped and tower-style strips that may be placed on a table without being untidy. Some even have a wireless smartphone charging pad incorporated right into the device.

The smallest ones are ideal for travel.

There might not be enough outlets in hotels. For additional power, place a compact, lightweight power strip with three outlets in your suitcase.
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High-end devices can be protected by a premium purchase.

Sometimes you want more security, whether it’s for a pricey computer or a home entertainment system. Some power strips have premium surge protection, additional protections, and warranties against equipment damage.

Furthermore, take into account a feature that alerts you when the surge protection stops working. When that occurs, the genuine quality ones will just shut down, indicating that a new one is needed.