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Best Surge Protectors of 2024


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List of the Best Surge Protectors

Products Features Where to Buy
TP-Link Kasa Smart Power Strip

TP-link kasa Best Surge Protectors

Number of outlets: 6 | Power rating: 15A / 1875W Get it on Amazon
DoubleYI 12-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector


Number of outlets: 12 | Power rating: 10A / 2500W Get it on Amazon
Tripp Lite Isobar 6

tripp lite surge protector

Number of outlets: 6 | Power rating: 120V Get it on Amazon
AmazonBasics 12-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector


Number of outlets: 12 | Power rating: 15A Get it on Amazon
Teckin Smart Power Strip

teckin surge protectors

Number of outlets: 4 | Power rating: 10A Get it on Amazon
Schneider Electric APC Desk Mount

APC desk mount surges

Number of outlets: 6 | Power rating: 120V / 1800W Get it on Amazon
Tripp Lite TLP1208TEL

tripp lite protectors

Number of outlets: 12 + TEL | Power rating: 120V / 1875 Watts Get it on Amazon
AmazonBasics 6-Outlet Surge Protector

Amazon basics

Number of outlets: 6 | Power rating: 1875W Get it on Amazon
Belkin Single Outlet SurgeCube SurgeProtector

Number of outlets: 1 | Power rating: 45,000 Amps Get it on Amazon
Belkin 12-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector

Belkin 12 outlets protectors

Number of outlets: 12 | Power rating: 15A / 1875W Get it on Amazon
CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD UPS

cyber power surge protector

Outlets: 12 (2 x USB)| Surge energy: 1,445 joules Get it on Amazon

Surge protectors are necessary for home and office equipment because it helps to protect electrical appliances against power surges and lightning strike. Finding the best surge protectors to do the job isn’t an easy task. So, to make it easy and straightforward while searching, we’ve highlighted and reviewed 11 of the best surge protectors available in the market.

Apart from these surge protectors being smart, they’re also easy to use, portable, durable, and come with lots of ports to connect serval devices.

So, with that being said, let’s take a look at the 11 best surge protectors we’ve discovered for you below.

Buying Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying a Surge Protector

Available ports: A reasonable surge protector is nothing at whatever point it won’t suit all of your devices. The port numbers ought to be a ton or relative to the number of electronic contraptions you need to make sure about. Never feel that all surge protectors have comparable ports. Many have 8 ports, yet you can get one that obliges up to twelve ports.

Nature of gadget you would like to protect: Consider gadgets you are to identify with the protector. Reliably purchase a flood defender that is sensible for your contraptions. Televisions and other apparatus require additionally created, surge defenders.

Brand: Guarantee the Surge defender you mean to purchase is UL seal and transient silencer voltage surge. Moreover, it should meet necessities according to the Underwriter’s Laboratories and at any rate meet UL 1449 on points of interest.

Best Smart Surge Protectors

TP-link kasa surge protector

Number of outlets: 6 | Power rating: 15A / 1875W | Joule Rating: 1710 | Cord length: 6ft | Size: 14.7in x 2.49in x 1.48in (L x W x H) | Weight: 1.55lbs

In case you’re searching for a brilliant surge protector from a known brand, TP-Link’s Kasa Smart Power Strip is a costlier option in contrast to the Teckin. Furthermore, in the event that you are eager to pay more, you’ll profit by realizing that this model is appraised at an adequate 1710 joules of assurance.

Usefulness is astute it’s close indistinguishable, offering voice control and planning support for proprietors of Amazon Alexa and Google Voice-viable gadgets. Along these lines to the DoubleYI flood defender, its three USB ports consequently organize charging speed depending on what number of contraptions are associated.

Pros Cons
Voice and scheduling support Only 3 USB ports
Six sockets

Teckin Smart Power Strip

teckin surge protectors

Number of outlets: 4 | Power rating: 10A | Cord length: 5ft | Size: 8in x 4.1in x 1.3in (L x W x H) | Weight: 1.4 pounds

In case you’re looking for a surge protector that lets you control attachments and machines with your voice, this model from Teckin is by a long shot the more reasonable choice on our rundown. Like the TP-Link Kasa, it lets you power attachments on or off by addressing Amazon Alexa and Google Voice-viable gadgets, and application-based planning usefulness lets you naturally power associated machines up or down for the duration of the day.

An interesting point is that this model backings a greatest 10-amp load, versus the TP-Link’s 15 amps, and Teckin for no good reason hasn’t determined its surge protectors joule rating. All things considered, it hasn’t put off in excess of 650 individuals who have left 5-star surveys on Amazon.

Pros Cons
Four USB ports Unspecified joule rating
Voice and scheduling support

Best 12-Outlet Surge Protectors

DoubleYI 12-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protectors


Number of outlets: 12 | Power rating: 10A / 2500W | Joule Rating: 1000 | Cord length: 6.5ft | Size: 5.5in x 6.5in x 9.5in (L x W x H) | Weight: 2.1 pounds

Short on space? At that point why not settle on this 12-outlet surge protector from DoubleYI, which expands vertically. Its 1000 joule rating is sufficient to adapt to most average electronic gadgets, and you get the additional advantage of having five USB Type-A ports for charging cell phones, tablets, and suchlike.

Four of those utilize Smart IC tech that appropriates power equally, so the fewer apparatuses that are associated, the quicker the charge. Two power buttons turn banks of six outlets on and off at once, so there’s no alternative to them off exclusively which could represent an issue for control monstrosities.

Pros Cons
Vertical design Only stands vertically
Smart USB ports Can’t power down individual sockets

AmazonBasics 12-Outlet


Number of outlets: 12 | Power rating: 15A | Joule Rating: 4320 | Cord length: 8ft | Size: 12.2 x 4.74 x 1.18in (L x W x H) | Weight: 2.02lbs

While there are sturdier surge protectors out there, this essential plastic model from Amazon offers the most noteworthy joule rating on our rundown for the least expense. Its 12 very much separated outlets are ensured by sliding spreads and can oblige bigger transformers at its corners.

Its capacity switch coordinates with a 15Amp over-burden resettable electrical switch and implicit LEDs display when gadgets are secured, and wiring is grounded. While this is consoling, those lights are for all time on and sparkle like green reference points in the obscurity which could disturb you when attempting to get the chance to rest.

Pros Cons
Costs less than rivals Can’t turn LEDs off
High joule protection

Tripp Lite TLP1208TEL

tripp lite protectors

Number of outlets: 12 + TEL | Power rating: 120V / 1875 Watts | Joule Rating: 2160 | Cord length: 8ft | Size: 10.3in x 2.72in x 1.54in (L x W x H) | Weight: 2.09lbs

It may not be a very remarkable looker, however, Tripp’s Lite surge protector is a bulky unit fit for securing quite a few electrical apparatuses – even fax machines because of underlying RJ11 jacks and a six-foot phone rope. It accompanies 12 outlets, four of which are divided more extensively separated to oblige interfacing different massive transformers.

Also, in the event that you would like to flaunt the Tripp Lite in any way, shape, or form (hello, who are we to pass judgment), its keyhole upholds wall mounting. Different highlights incorporate symptomatic LEDs that caution when surge concealment has kicked in, and child security covers for true serenity.

Pros Cons
Protects fax equipment No USB ports
Lots of outlets Bulky design

Belkin 12-Outlet

Belkin 12 outlets protectors

Number of outlets: 12 | Power rating: 15A / 1875W | Joule Rating: 3940 | Cord length: 8ft | Size: 15.6in x 6.1in x 2.1in (L x W x H) | Weight: 2.1lbs

These surge protectors offer a high surge assurance rating and 12 outlets, each with defensive covers, for connecting gaming monitors, home theaters, routers, and other cherished machines.

Belkin has done well to press those plugs into a minimal plan, which on the other side methods there’s less space to associate bigger transformers contrasted with rival 12-outlet models.

It highlights power filtration to work at murmur calm volumes significantly under a full burden, and in the event that you need to put it far out and earshot, at that point that won’t be an issue because of its long 8ft link.

Pros Cons
Compact flat design No USB ports
High joule rating

CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD UPS

With an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) you’re ensuring your gadgets are in an alternate way. This UPS from CyberPower doesn’t just keep power surges from hitting your touchy and costly gadgets, it’s likewise a brief battery backup that can keep your hardware controlled if there should be an occurrence of a power outage. The UPS takes the power in from your wall and afterward keeps up a steady output voltage, so your gadgets don’t encounter vacillations that could cause issues.

Another key element is that it can keep your gadgets incidentally fueled regardless of whether there’s a finished loss of intensity. This model is assessed to run for 2.5 minutes at full load or 10 minutes at half load, giving you a window of time to spare significant work before a power blackout closes down your gadgets. The entirety of the outlets on the CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD has surge assurance, while six are likewise associated with the rechargeable battery.

Pros Cons
UPS Expensive
maintains a consistent output voltage

Best Surge Protectors in Design

Schneider Electric APC Desk Mount

APC desk mount surges

Number of outlets: 6 | Power rating: 120V / 1800W | Joule Rating: 1080 | Cord length: 6ft | Weight: 1.52lb

Schneider realizes that bowing down to unplug apparatuses can be an agony, which is the reason it’s given this Desk Mount surge protector a clever bookable plan.

Fitting it underneath a screen will include the accommodation of an uncommon USB-C port utilized for charging anything from cell phones to control blocks, and two standard USB Type-A ones have been incorporated underneath that for good measure.

In case you’re going to sling this unpredictable surge protector over a work area or parcel, simply know that Schneider suggests it has a thickness of 9.98 – 2.4 inches for an ideal fit.

Pros Cons
USB-C port Won’t fit all partitions
Innovative design Average joule rating

Tripp Lite Isobar 6

tripp lite surge protector

Number of outlets: 6 | Power rating: 120V | Joule Rating: 3330 | Cord length: 6ft | Size: 7in x 3.5in X 2.5in (L x W x H) | Weight: 2.8lbs

In case you’re taking a gander at shaking out with a hefty metal surge protector, this 6-outlet model from Tripp Lite possesses all the necessary qualities. With a conservative plan, what it needs space to oblige bigger transformers it compensates for in wellbeing highlights.

Notwithstanding warm combining for safeguard security and a multi-segment firewall, the model packs a high 3330-joule rating and a strong metal lodging to keep it from blasting into flares in case of a significant electrical spike. With its dark and-dark two-tone configuration, it’s seemingly one of the more tastefully engaging bulky surge protectors so it won’t watch strange in-home or office.

Pros Cons
High joule protection No USB ports
Fire-resistant casing Narrow-spaced sockets

Belkin Single Outlet

beilkin surge protectors

Number of outlets: 1 | Power rating: 45,000 Amps | Joule Rating: 1080 | Size: 2.5in x 1.9in x 3.1in (L x W x H) | Weight: 3.2oz

Surge protectors with various outlets aren’t constantly required or viable, particularly when progressing. For a compact option in contrast to greater wired models, the SurgeCube from Belkin plugs straightforwardly into a wall and gauges a measly 3.2 ounces, making it ideal for pressing into a rucksack or bag.

It’s the most moderate kind of single-outlet surge protector from Belkin, so it gives a pass on additional items, for example, USB ports or voice similarity yet the in addition to side highlights two LEDs to tell you when gadgets are grounded and secured.

Pros Cons
LED indicator lights No USB ports
Portable One socket

 AmazonBasics 6-Outlet

Amazon basics

Number of outlets: 6 | Power rating: 1875W | Joule Rating: 200 | Cord length: 2ft | Size: 11.9in x 6.5in x 1.8in (L x W x H) | Weight: 1.1lbs

With regard to getting back for your buck, the AmazonBasics 6-Outlet Surge Protector is difficult to beat. With a 3-line fundamental surge protector at a rating of 200 joules, this AmazonBasics model is appropriate for associating little machines, for example, telephones, lights, and other bedside contraptions.

On the off chance that an electrical spike happens, the surge protectors red status LED marker will turn off to tell you that it’s carried out its responsibility and necessities supplanting; which won’t be an issue, as Amazon sends both of you in the box.

Pros Cons
Compact design Short cable
Affordable Only 200 joules

How We Picked

We relied on the opinion of experts and feedback from clients based on three major factors: Design, Number of outlets, and Smart surge protectors.

Before publishing this post, more facts and data about these surge protectors were gotten from further research and online reviews (both positive & negative). With the result and feedback, we got, we were able to rank each product according to the standard we set.

If you observe the reviews carefully, you’ll see that each surge protector has been carefully categorized according to our research result. However, take note that the surges that didn’t meet our standard were not included in this list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do surge protectors really do anything?

Surge protectors will in fact shield PCs, TVs, and other electronic gadgets from power surges and most inaccessible lightning strikes, however, they can’t forestall an immediate lightning strike by making harm-associated gadgets.

How many joules is a good surge protector?

Energy ingestion/dissemination – This rating, given in joules, discloses to you how much vitality the flood defender can ingest before it comes up short. A higher number shows more noteworthy insurance. Search for a protector that is, in any event, appraised at 200 to 400 joules. For better security, search for a rating of 600 joules or more.

What is the difference between a power strip and a surge protector?

The difference between an electrical extension and a surge protector is that a power strip adds additional outlet space while a surge protector defends against conceivable voltage spikes that could harm your hardware, apparatuses, or gear.


Picking the correct surge protector is something that ought to be considered very important and without a doubt,  we believe that this review should have helped you pick the correct Surge protectors for your business or home use. However, before purchasing, ensure you check all the necessary details.