PowerVision PowerEgg X Wizard

PowerVision PowerEgg X Wizard Review

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Last Updated on January 6, 2022 by Daniel

The PowerVision PowerEgg X Wizard is a nifty gadget for amateur and professional aerial photographers. It’s a power-operated aerial drone with a camera that takes stills and video. The PowerEgg X is powered by rechargeable batteries, and with its six-axis gyro stabilization, it can shoot high-quality photos and videos.

The PowerVision PowerEgg X features a full HD camera and can be controlled using a smartphone or tablet.

Features & Design Of The Powervision Poweregg X Wizard

PowerVision PowerEgg X Wizard

This drone is unlike any other on the market. PowerEgg X is not only the best-looking drone this writer has ever seen, but it is also far from the most versatile.

As a transport configuration, the PowerEgg X looks like a shiny ostrich egg – and it’s about the size (it weighs 522g). Even though it’s not as portable as DJI’s Mavic series, it’s still small enough to fit in the average backpack.

It can be used as a drone by carefully removing the lower half of the housing to reveal the camera, gimbal, and two ports where the folding legs can clip in. Grab the chunky hand controller, connect your iOS or Android device, and launch the well-designed Vision+ 2 app.

Would you like to try some hand-held ground-based shooting? By simply attaching the provided hand strap or mounting it to the mini tripod, this drone turns into an admittedly large and ungainly stabilized ‘SteadiCam’ camera with automatic face recognition. Its mechanical three-axis gimbal in hand-held mode isn’t as stable as, say, a DJI Osmo, but it works well enough for creating smooth, jitter-free footage if the user is careful how he or she moves. 

Note: The key to walking is to keep your arm as steady as possible and stoop down in a sort of stooped position. While you may look like you have carrots up your bottom, this is a necessary part of using a stabilized camera.

Drone pilots will tell you that flying over water generally requires balls the size of Venus. Ultimately, losing a drone over water is every pilot’s worst nightmare and there are many reasons why this may occur, including bird strikes, motor failure, an exhausted battery, heavy rain, or high winds.

In general, the Wizard version is the Holy Grail of drones, due to its waterproof housing, robust strap-on floats, and robust straps. Additionally, if the worst happens and the drone plummets from the sky, it will simply float instead of sinking to the bottom like an anvil.

While watching videos through a clear plastic dome will cause some subtle video aberrations, the reassurance of having a floatable drone is not to be overlooked. Additionally, this drone can land and take off from calm water and fly in both rain and snow, depending on wind speed.

Additionally, it is the only drone capable of recording audio from ground level while flying above; something that no other drone can do. With SyncVoice, ambient noise is picked up using your phone’s microphone, so your final video isn’t completely silent. This feature could be a huge benefit to those who do not edit their videos.

A Powervision Poweregg X Wizard Camera Review

powervision poweregg

Video taken with the PowerVision PowerEgg X’s camera and three-axis gimbal is sharp and steady

Video and photography drones are only as good as the cameras they carry. This one boasts a fixed focus 12-megapixel camera with a 1/2.8-inch CMOS sensor that can shoot in 4K at up to 60 frames per second, 1080p at up to 120 frames per second, and 720p at up to 240 frames per second. 

Nevertheless, the footage it produces is undeniably very good, but it still falls short of the standard set by DJI. There is a slight softening at the edges of the frame that becomes most noticeable when videoing foliage from higher altitudes. Nonetheless, the video shot from lower altitudes is much sharper than the 12MP stills, which are generally excellent.

To be honest, you really won’t notice these small issues if viewed on a phone or a tablet but you may on a 5K 27-inch iMac. Whatever, this is in no way a deal-breaker, especially when all of its other functions are taken into consideration.

Control System Of The Powervision Poweregg X Wizard

poweregg wate drone

With the PowerEgg X, you get a bulky but comfortable hand controller, as well as an excellent mounting system for the phone, the ultimate way to see what the drone sees.

While PowerVision’s Vision+2 (Android and iOS) may not quite match DJI’s range of drone-specific apps, it is nonetheless well thought out and easy to use. The app provides a small range of autonomous modes, such as automatic return to home, follow me, orbit, and time-lapse.

Flight Performance of Powervision Poweregg X Wizard


The PowerEgg X is as stable in flight as the majority of DJI drones we’ve tested, and it will remain in the air for up to 30 minutes. The device has a top speed of 40mph and a range of 3.7 miles for its image transmission. In addition to being able to fly in winds up to 22mph, it is also exceptionally stable.

Additionally, the PowerEgg X is equipped with front- and downward-facing obstacle avoidance sensors. The front sensor measures the distance from a subject up to 19 meters away and automatically applies the brakes when it gets close. For precise landing, the drone’s downward sensor is combined with the GPS processor.

The Pros and Cons

Serves as a stabilized ground camera The camera does not meet DJI’s specifications
Excellent flier Not very portable
It is water-resistant

Who can fly the PowerVision Poweregg X Wizard?

All pilots of camera drones will need to purchase an Operator ID from the CAA by 31 December 2020 and sit a short multiple-choice online exam. The PowerEgg X pilot can also fly in recreational, industrial, residential, and commercial areas with an A2 Certificate of Competence.


There is no more versatile drone in the sky – or on the ground. Even though the PowerVision PowerEgg X Wizard’s camera isn’t quite as good as the DJI Mavic 2 Pro or Mavic 2 Zoom, its ability to fly in rain and snow, and float on water, should make you give it some serious consideration. It’s also quite beautiful to look at.