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Best Tower Speakers of 2024


Last Updated on September 1, 2023 by Daniel Osakwe

Welcome to our guide on the best tower speakers. In our guide today, we’ve reviewed 11 of the most powerful, efficient, sensitive, and durable floor standing speakers or tower speakers money can buy. Due to the vast number of tower speakers available out there, it might sometimes be difficult to pick the best. So, that is why we’ve researched and highlighted the 11 best tower speakers money can buy.

So, if you’re looking for the best floor standing speaker or tower speaker to buy, you just found the right place. Having said that, why not check out the tower speakers we’ve discovered for you below.

Buyers Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying a Tower Speaker

Sound Quality: Your taste may be so one of a kind according to that of another person. You should check out different models of speakers and think about your best. For example, you can bring along your favored flash drive at the shop and recognize the speaker that sounds incredible. Make an effort not to flood in choosing your decision. Else, you may end up obtaining the wrong speaker.

Cost: Various speakers come at moving expenses. Along these lines, you should choose your budgetary breaking point before deciding to buy that speaker. Regardless of the way that once in a while it doesn’t look good buying a speaker with poor specs at less expense. Reasonably, it is more astute to purchase an exorbitant speaker anyway with appealing sound execution. By any means, there is no confirmation that an expensive speaker will work in a prevalent way than a humble one.

Space: Not all speakers are acceptable in tremendous rooms. Some perform tolerably well in minor rooms. Then again, minor spaces can’t be in a condition to accommodate enormous speakers. Tentatively, the size of rooms and sorts of materials inside impact the idea of sound made. Clearly note all of these features with the objective that your speaker can give you individual execution.

Sensitivity: It is only the extent to how a speaker can utilize the power passed on to it. For example, if the tower speaker is low-powered, i.e., 20 watts, the best fragile speaker that can eagerly facilitate with that sound system is about 100db. To lay it out simply, if your sound system is incredible, you should look for tower speakers that have low fragile examinations. Furthermore, with that, you will have an amazing speaker.

Power: It will finally help you with knowing the entirety of power in watts the speaker is fit for dealing with. Picking quality tower speakers may be an outrageous task, yet with the above considerations, the endeavor is direct.

Best Tower Speakers Compilation Chart

Name Features Where to Buy

r7 Best Tower Speakers

  • Highly sensitive
  • Amp Power: 15-250W/8Ω
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Polk T50 150 Watt Home Theater Floor Standing Tower Speaker

polk T150 tower speakers

  • Dynamic Balance technology
  • 1-inch Dynamic Balance tweeter
  • Optimum compatibility
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Pioneer SP-EFS73 Floor standing Loudspeaker

Best Tower Speakers

  • Curved cabinets
  • The 1-inch high-efficiency soft dome tweeter
  • Three 5/4-inch surface woofers
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Samsung Model Sound Tower

samsung Best Tower Speakers

  • 2.2 channel sound
  • Elegant, sleek appearance
  • HDMI input & output
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Sony Single Floor-Standing Speaker

sony tower speaker

  • Floor-standing design
  • 3/4-inch Super Tweeter
  • Mica-Reinforced Drivers
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Onkyo 2-Way Floor Standing Speakers

Best Tower Speakers

  • Twin woofers
  • Woofer equalizer
  • MDF Stabilizer
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BIC America Single Black Tower Speaker

bic tower speakers

  • Dual 6.5” poly/graphite woofers
  • Magnetic shield
  • 0.75” dome tweeter
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Polk Audio Single Cherry Floorstanding Speaker

polk Best Tower Speakers

  • 1” silk/polymer dome tweeter
  • Power Port technology
  • MDF construction
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Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II Floorstanding Speaker

Best Tower Speakers

  • Sturdy construction
  • 1-inch Dynamic Balance dome tweeter
  • 5-1/4” Dynamic Balance woofers
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Pyle Passive Tower PA Speaker System

pyle tower speakers

  • Built-in lights
  • RCA connection cable
  • Two 10” subwoofers and two 3” piezo tweeters
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Polk Audio Floorstanding Speaker

tower speakers

  • Sturdy construction
  • Stylish look
  • Woodgrain finishes
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Best Tower Speakers in Sound Quality

Polk Audio


Polk really values the name “Screen”, considering that the Polk Monitor Series recently came into the spotlight in the mid-1970s and has encountered a couple of stages. In this manner, expect the Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II to be a top performer. You will love the two its appearance and execution. It is made by a producer with determined obligation, craftsmanship, and resolute quality.

Taking everything into account, all these make Polk Audio a trusted name in the theater arrangements and home sound tower speakers. The creator has organized it to make an inconceivable sound just as it has guaranteed that the sound of this speaker won’t be ruined on any occasion when the speaker is set by the TVs.

They have achieved that by appealingly securing this speaker. The prevalent sound, inconceivable significant bass, and the better mid-expand mean you will find this speaker especially important for spur-of-the-moment social affairs, gaming, watching films, to say the very least.

Also, the maker has done what’s required on the vibes of the speaker, making it perfect for receiving areas, rooms, redirection rooms, etc. The speaker is outfitted with Cascade Tapered Array advancement to enable it to yield exceptional bass and point-by-point midrange response.

Pros Cons
Sound is not distorted no matter what The packaging could be done better
The price is great for the quality

Sony Single (3-Way)

sony tower speaker

Top-quality tower speakers are directly open accessible. Besides, they fuse the Sony Single Floor-Standing Speaker. It is adaptable and lightweight enough to be moved from space to space for convenience. It is furthermore solid, and, thusly, will serve you for a significant time span to come. Besides Samsung, Sony is a top dog concerning outfitting music lovers with the best quality sound system. Best of all, Sony doesn’t frantically climb the expense of their things.

For instance, this speaker is squeezed with features yet its worth is inside a moderate range. Thusly, whether or not you are on a monetary breaking point or just looking for an amazing sound system, this tower speaker should work. The most extraordinary power commitment of this tower speaker is 145 watts, which is alright.

Simply the hardest and first-class speakers are fit for passing on an incredible and certifiable sound comprehension. In reality, one of those speakers is this one by Sony. In this way, if you have to improve your home’s entertainment, by then, it justifies placing assets into.

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Pros Cons
punchy and clear sound Expensive
The sound quality is impressive

Polk T50

polk T50 tower speakers

Polk Audio as of now has an incredibly helpful floor-standing pinnacle speaker. Likewise, the unit is as a matter of fact the Polk Audio T50 model. It is definitely not hard to set up, which implies you will have the choice to capitalize on your favored music quickly the speaker is passed on to you. You will revere the two of its appearance and execution. Best of all, you will be shocked by the expense.

It is loaded down with a couple of features, for instance, bass radiators, drivers, and tweeter. These features collaborate to make the sound conveyed by this speaker the principal rate. If you have a little or medium-sized room, this speaker will work a treat. Regardless of the way that it is available in singles, you can buy diverse of them for amazing home delight.

You can interface them to the screen for better gaming or watching experience. It works with most home theater AV receivers, which implies you will have various game plan course of action choices. Moreover, this floor-standing apex speaker is arranged with Polk’s Dynamic Balance advancement that makes its bass, highs, and mids unparalleled. In case you are on a spending breaking point and planning to improve your home, this is the speaker to consider.

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Pros Cons
Midrange presence is excellent The quality could be better
Fairly lightweight; hence, easy to move around

Best Tower Speakers in Construction

Samsung Model

samsung tower speaker

If you are craving premium-quality sound, look no more than the Samsung TW-J5500 floor-standing speaker. It has exact bass and worked taking into account comfort for perfect satisfaction. Best of all, this speaker is most likely the best creator in Samsung. Likewise, this infers you should foresee the best. Samsung is focused on giving its customers top-notch things. By so doing, they satisfy their customers.

This tower speaker is one of their things, and it is doing very unimaginable. Ideally, interfacing it to sound contraptions is incredibly straightforward. Likewise, this is an immediate consequence of the couple of information sources and output it is equipped with. It moreover has various features like ported woofers and horn tweeters.

Its features are high-performing and enable it to convey clear highs and accurate bass. Another empowering component of this speaker is the Bluetooth advancement that makes the listening experience reliable similarly to improving solace. Whether or not you have to benefit as much as possible from your preferred TV appears, watch a movie, or play some music, this game plan of speakers is for you.

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Pros Cons
The speakers look really beautiful Could be loud with TV as they are with FM
The Bluetooth feature is a plus


onky standing speakers

These floor-standing speakers from Onkyo will take music in your home to the next level. Likewise, they have the stuff to effortlessly achieve that. They use the most extraordinary power commitment of 130 watts, which implies they pass on quality sound for a fantastic music listening experience. Most customers who have given them a shot have been fascinated.

Taking everything into account, that explains why each and every individual who values incredible music needs them. The impedance of these speakers is 6 ohms and the repeat response ranges from 55Hz – 35 KHz. These two subtleties are first-rate; from this time forward, expect the best when you go for these speakers.

Additionally, the tower speakers weigh 13.0 kilograms, which implies you won’t have issues moving them around. Their structure enables them to consume as a small room as could be permitted. The floor-standing structure moreover colossally adds to overhauling the vibes of these speakers. Given the uncommon features they go with, these speakers will no vulnerability give you a genuine sound experience.

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Pros Cons
The build quality is solid The base could be wider
Shipping is done on time

BIC America (Venturi DV64)

bic tower speakers

A chance to check out music like never before is available. In addition, to achieve that, you need the BIC America Venturi DV64 model. This tower speaker has the stuff to pass on totally clear music and sound. Besides, it is adaptable enough to be relied upon by and large for movies, talks, and music. Its affectability is 90dB at 1W/1m, and its repeat response is from 29Hz to 21 kHz. Likewise, the speaker has an essential power rating that stretches out from 10 to 200 watts.

The tower speaker also goes with a 7-year assurance to show to you that it is totally supported by the maker. Another thing to state about this floor-standing tower speaker is that it is appealingly ensured to help hinder video hindrance. This suggests you can put this speaker near a screen or LG TVs without stress.

The speaker gauges 8.5 inches wide by 38 inches high by 9.25 inches down, which implies its size is adequately insignificant to fit wherever. It is a two-way speaker that is proposed to pass on unmatched execution. Taking everything into account, we are certain that you will really like it.

Pros Cons
Arrives on time and free of damage It May come with issues, but the warranty will help solve this
The covers are made of a premium mesh

Polk Audio Single Cherry

tower speakers

There are a huge amount of reasons why the Polk Audio RTI A7 is a champion among other tower speakers accessible today. In the first place, this speaker is solid and perfect for standard use. Second, it passes on a genuinely vital impeccably clear strong. It is also versatile for perfect delight.

Besides cherry, the floor-standing tower speaker is available in a dull finish. Best of all, the expense of this shading is proportional. That being expressed, you ought to just pick a shading that you acknowledge will blend charmingly with your elaborate format. Like, various speakers, we have recently investigated, this one is on-demand.

Likewise, that is in light of the fact that it is squeezed with all the unprecedented features that make it a top performer. These features consolidate a 6.5-inch polymer midrange driver, 1-inch silk polymer curve tweeter, power port development, and anything is possible from that point.

Taking everything into account, one unfathomable thing with these features is that they all improve the sound quality the speaker passes on. The components of this speaker are 17.5 by 43.7 by 7.8 inches. They are to some degree greater than the speakers we have minded, be that as it may, this essentially infers the speaker is staggering.

Pros Cons
The bass is very well extended and not overpowering The mid-range could be better
Sounds great with movies and music


r7 tower speaker

KEF makes such incredible rigging and has been doing it for such a long time, that it was difficult to pick which of their great floor-standers to incorporate. At long last, we had a decision: either make this whole rundown an overview of the best KEF speakers around or pick the one we thought would suit a great many people. For us, that is the new R7 – a midrange pick in a line that incorporates the R11 and

the R5. This is directly among those, and it’s amazing. It’s sensibly estimated – contrast it with a portion of the beasts drop down – and you get a terrible part of the value for your money. The sound is easily clear and clean, with standout elements. The plan is sharp, as well, with perfect plinth feet that help disengage your sonics.

In any case, you shouldn’t go for these except if you have an extremely strong amp and DAC combo – perhaps a devoted pre and force amp. While they’re generally excellent, they work best when different bits of the significant chain are of comparable quality. In any case, these are incredible – and as we referenced, KEF makes a lot of other luscious speakers, including that little R5, which costs $2,800 per pair.

Pros Cons
Clear and dynamic sound Expensive
Easy to set up  Needs excellent equipment to really get the best out of it.

Best Tower Speakers in Price

Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series

polk monitor 60

This is another all-around evaluated floor-standing tower speaker that most music darlings should have. Its worth point is welcoming to the pocket yet it has all of the features, which are simply found on exorbitant units. A part of these features fuse a 1-inch tweeter, 5.25-inch woofer, and anything is possible from that point. Taking into account these features, the speaker can give you a stunning sound that isn’t boomy.

This suggests you will benefit as much as possible from your liked music without any concerns. Polk has the right attitude without a doubt. That is the explanation they have it legitimately at this moment. The model is worked with the settlement, and, along these lines, can be used for music, flat TV, and movies.

Taking everything into account, one speaker is all you require for your home preoccupation. Thusly, don’t hesitate to pick it with sureness understanding that it will carry home preoccupation to the next level.

Pros Cons
The seller is great The bass could be better
Great for watching movies, gaming, and listening to music

Pyle Passive

pyle tower speaker

There is no better technique to kick the gathering off than to use this floor-standing tower speaker from Pyle. It is a very much manufactured speaker system that will let you play your favored music with style and as tumultuous as you need. This speaker system is phenomenal for yard parties similar to nighttime social events. It is an aftereffect of Pyle; another association that is doing very well in the sound business.

Having said that, foresee that this speaker system ought to have all that you are scanning for in a sound system. The speaker framework goes with an RCA connect so you can use it legitimately out of the case. The speaker moreover goes with a 35mm stand mount, which works with about a wide scope of speakers speaks to stand mounting or stage floor.

The most outrageous force this speaker yield is 1000 watt top power. Likewise, this suggests you will have the alternative to play your primary tunes as boisterous as you need.

Pros Cons
Works well with a laptop and microphone The package could be better
The Bluetooth connects instantly once it is paired

Pioneer SP

standing tower speakers

You may be inside a spending limit anyway that doesn’t mean you should manage with a low-quality floor standing pinnacle speaker. In this way, the Pioneer SP-FS52 model is moderate yet it performs well overall. Because of its features, the enhancer is exceptional for home theater systems. It produces awe-inspiring sound quality from gaming, DVDs, CDs, and some other sound source.

Considering its presentation, this Andrew Jones-organized floor-standing intensifier is favored by various people. It uses three 5-1/4″ woofers similarly as bigger than common magnets to give you amazing quality sound that will put you in the perspective right away. Pioneer has been conveying sound systems for more than 70 years. People like their things since they are moderate yet top-performing.

Clearly, clearly, their speaker has made it to this once-over. Taking everything into account, we are certain that you will be interested in the sound quality just as they look. It can play more grounded without using a huge amount of energy. Additionally, this speaker gauges 10.7 by 8.9 by 35.2 inches, which implies it is immaculately estimated to fit wherever.

Pros Cons
The bass is great The highs could be better
Compatible with many systems

Test Process

During our testing, we relied on the opinion of experts and feedback of clients based on these major factors: Sound quality, Construction, and Affordability.

More analysis of these tower speakers was uncovered from further research and online reviews. From the result and feedbacks (both positive and negative), we were able to categories each machine according to our standards.

If you take a critical look at our review, you’ll discover the manner in which each speaker has been categorized. Also, take note that after our testing, the tower speakers that weren’t up to standard were excluded from our list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are tower speakers good?

In general, tower speakers are better. Floor-standing speakers are intended to deliver increasingly significant sound. They will have devoted drivers to duplicate low, mid, and high frequencies. Once in a while, they may have two drivers for low frequencies.

What wattage is good for speakers?

In the event that you like, noisy uncompressed music and your speakers are 90dB effective, 200 Watts is likely a lot of intensity for you. On the off chance that you just tune in to light old-style, jazz and don’t anticipate that they should shake the house, 50 Watts is sufficient. Higher efficiency speakers, similar to horns, take very few Watts.

Do floor-standing speakers need a subwoofer?

In the event that what you need is a couple of quality floor-standing speakers, you don’t need to get a subwoofer. On the off chance that what you need incorporates solid low-recurrence/sub-20Hz


Picking the correct floor-standing tower speakers is something that ought to be considered very important and without missing words,  we believe that this review must have helped you in choosing the best speaker you desire. Be that as it may, ensure you check all the necessary details of your preferred choice before buying.