Best Smart Home Electricity Monitor

Best Smart Home Electricity Monitor of 2024


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Best Smart Home Electricity Monitor

Products Features Where to buy (New) Where to buy (Pre-owned)
Sense Energy Monitor

Sense Energy Monitor

  • Whole-house energy tracker
  • Customized notifications for critical-use problems
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EMPORIA ENERGY Gen 2 Vue Smart Home Energy Monitor

EMPORIA ENERGY Gen 2 Vue Smart Home Energy Monitor

  • Eight sensors are included
  • Solar generation net metering capabilities
  • Customizable push notifications
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BN-LINK WiFi Heavy Duty Smart Plug Outlet

best smart home electric monitor

  • Voice activation and app control are available
  • Customizable timer function
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Sense Energy Monitor with Solar

Best Smart Home Electricity Monitors

  • Tracks solar generation and output
  • Customizable notifications
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Eyedro Home Energy Monitor

smart energy monitor

  • Ethernet connection option for reliable internet
  • No subscription fees
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Are you concerned about the level of electricity your home consumes? If you are, then you need to have a smart home electricity monitor in your house. It will inform you about your electricity consumption and you can reduce the consumption as per your need. There are a lot of options to choose from, but if you want to save your money, then you need to choose the one of the best smart home monitor we’ve reviewed here.

The 5 Best Smart Home Electricity Monitor.

For conventional, smart, or solar-powered houses, Sense provides whole-house energy monitoring. In order to distinguish specific devices over time and inform users of which devices are active, this monitor uses machine learning. Even while on vacation, keep an eye on things by receiving information about historical use, spotting patterns, setting targets to cut back on energy use, spotting waste, and more.

Connect this monitor to a smart assistant to use voice commands for hands-free updates and energy adjustments, making it easy to conserve energy. To see how long a device has been operating, to get confirmation that an appliance has been shut off, and more, view the dashboard through an app.

You can set up personalized notifications for when you approach peak consumption zones. Alexa, Google Assistant, and other technologies can be integrated with the monitor. An electrician should most likely install this energy meter inside of an electrical panel.

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Pros Cons
Whole-house energy tracker Slow to detect devices in the first month
Tracks when lights are left on or the dryer turns off

With the Gen 2 monitor from EMPORIA ENERGY, you can always get the most recent information on energy costs and usage. The monitor has 16 sensors that clamp onto the main and individual circuits in the breaker box. Although they come with DIY installation instructions, it is advisable to have a professional install the sensors.
The system keeps track of larger appliances connected to certain circuits, but it also works with smart plugs (not included) to keep track of smaller appliances, set up timers and schedules, and give users more control via the EMPORIA ENERGY app.
This monitor can be used by solar households to determine how much extra energy is sent back to the grid against how much energy is used inside the house. Based on the data it collects, the app delivers notifications so users know what actions to do to save cost and energy.

Pros Cons
Solar generation net metering capabilities Difficult to retrieve extra data if desired
Eight sensors are included, but eight more can be purchased Data collected and stored on the cloud, not your own device

The Wi-Fi smart outlets from BN-LINK help conserve space and prevent blocking the outlet, making it possible for two smart outlets to stack one on top of the other without any problems. Use the outlet’s on/off power button to manually control it or the Smart Life app to automate timers, schedule appliances like the coffee maker, or regulate and monitor the outlet’s power use.
You can give each smart outlet a name in the app based on the appliances that are connected to it, and you can use voice commands with Alexa or Google Assistant to operate the device hands-free. The smart outlets are easy to install; simply plug them into the wall, connect to a secure Wi-Fi network, and plug in your appliances.
Pros Cons
Voice activation and app control are available Must be reset if Wi-Fi or power is interrupted
Four-pack of individual outlet monitors Collects and stores a lot of personal information

The dashboard of the Sense Energy Monitor with Solar contains integrated cost calculations that allow for a side-by-side comparison of the energy produced and used. This information can help reduce the amount of electricity that needs to be purchased. This monitor learns more the longer it is plugged in, which enables it to identify patterns in energy use and identify ways to become more efficient.
The Sense monitor recognizes individual appliances and provides details on them, such as when they are on, how efficiently they operate, whether they have vampire tendencies and more. The energy monitor notifies users of potential problems, such as alarms for the solar system. It is better to have a licensed electrician install Sense because it fits perfectly into the electrical panel. It then employs Wi-Fi to link the house to a smartphone.
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Pros Cons
Customizable notifications Slow to identify devices
Whole-house energy monitoring system No ethernet port option

This simple home energy meter from Eyedro allows you to view the expenditures associated with energy use in real time. It offers a Wi-Fi option as well as an Ethernet wire for connecting its sensors to an electrical panel and sending data to an online dashboard. To view energy usage at any time, even when you’re not at home, log into the Eyedro website.
On a phone or computer screen, the change in energy use appears as an update as appliances are turned on and off. Access monitoring data, bill projections, and notifications if the power goes out at home and the system loses connectivity through the dashboard. With the help of the provided instructions, you can install this energy monitoring device into an electrical panel in as little as 15 minutes.

Pros Cons
Plenty of data options to review Poor installation can cause inaccurate readings
No subscription fees Only two monitoring clips

Features to take into account while buying a home energy monitor


Bluetooth and wireless Wi-Fi connections are your major options for connecting. Although some models offer both of these connection possibilities, you do not absolutely need them to be able to see how much energy you have consumed.

The primary benefit of using a Wi-Fi energy monitor is the ability to transfer the data to an app on your phone or tablet to track history consumption and other things.

Usage Estimation.

Some versions record use in both kWh and dollars and cents so you can see exactly how much your bill should be. Examples include our top choice, the Sense energy monitor, and the Emporia A001 Smart Home Energy Monitor. Other models, on the other hand, simply compute in kWh, so you must determine how much your electricity bill will be on your own.


You must make sure the energy monitor you purchase is suitable for the voltage in your house. The majority of types are compatible with a range of voltages, including 120/208/240V, although a few are only appropriate for split-phase homes.

 Mode of installation.

Most energy monitors are simple to set up; often, all you need to do is plug the gadget into a transmitter, which then transmits pertinent usage information to a control panel.

Others need to be installed into your home’s main panel, which means you’ll need a professional electrician to install the device.

Surveillance System.

You can select an energy monitor that only has a web browser platform to track your use, or you can select one that supports iOS or Android apps.


Some types, like the Eyedro EHWEM1, for instance, use batteries, but other variants are fueled primarily by power sources. A battery-operated variant can be an excellent option if you need more portability.

Wire Length.

Although it varies from model to model, many energy monitors are pre-wired for a simple installation. Make sure the cords are the right length so you can install the monitor where you need it and aren’t too lengthy, so you trip over them.


Again, this varies from model to model, but in general, you can anticipate receiving a guarantee for your energy monitor of at least one year.

The Verdict

The Sense Energy Monitor is our top recommendation for accurate data on a home’s energy consumption as a whole. Try the BN-LINK Smart Plug if you want to monitor how often a certain appliance or outlet is used.