Best Electric Mops to Buy in 2021

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Electric mops have made it easier for moms and everyone who loves cleaning and mopping the floors. On our review, we’ve highlighted and reviewed the 10 best electric mops available in the market today.

These mops are easy to use, durable, can be used on different floor types, lightweight, and very effective. If these sound like what you’re looking for in an electric mop, then why not check out our top 10 electric mops below.

Buyers Guide: Factors to Consider When Purchasing Electric Mops

Deck Type: The principal thing that you have to consider when buying an electric mop is your ground surface type. It is smarter to get a model that you can use to clean a wide range of surfaces with no restriction.

Usability: This joins all the highlights that make the client experience simpler. For example, an electric mop with a decent computerized touchpad will permit you to change the setting without any problem. A confounded item can ruin effectively, and you may think that it’s difficult to utilize.

Weight: This is another critical factor that you should take a look at. Search for electric mops that have a normal weight extending between 8 pounds to 10 pounds. This makes it simple to utilize and to deal with.

Cord: There are electric mops that accompanies a line while others are cordless. The cordless electric mops are the best as they don’t restrain you from the zone you need to clean.

Best Electric Mops Compilation Chart

Products Features Where to Buy
GOBOT Cordless Scrubber Powerful Electric Mop Cleaner

gobot cordless electric mops

  • Comes with a long-lasting battery
  • Has powerful dual-spin motors
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Homitt Electric Cordless Power Microfiber Mop Floor Spin Scrubber

homitt cordless mops

  • Has 300ml water tank
  • Comes with an extendable rod
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COSTWAY Cordless Quiet Powerful Electric Spin Mop

costway cordless electric mops

  • 440ml water tank and has a nozzle
  • Has latest LED lights
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Mamibot Cordless 3-in-1 Electric Dual Spin Mop

mamibot cordless mops

  • Equipped with a powerful 2200mah Lithium battery
  • 3 in 1 Multifunctional Spin Mop
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Elicto Electronic Dual Spin Mop Heads


  • Can be used with tile and other hard surfaces
  • The pads can be washed and reused multiple times
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vmai Cordless Electric Spin Mop with Built-in 300ml Water Tank

vmia cordless mops

  • 2 in 1 versatile mop for mopping, glazing, and spraying
  • 160ml large water tank that saves the time of fill up water frequently
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SWDK Electric Cordless Handheld Floor Cleaning Mop

SWDK electric mops

  • Ideal for lifting-up grime and stubborn dirt on various hard surfaces
  • Comes with built-in 2000mah battery
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Gladwell Cordless 3 in 1 Spinner Scrubber Electric Mop, Blue

gladwell cordless mop

  • Powerful dual-spin motors that allow the Spinner to clean at a faster rate
  • Cordless design and ultra-thin 3-inch base making this mop easy to use
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Comfyer Swift 2 in 1 Cordless Scrubber Electric Spin Mop

comfyer swift

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Front led lights
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Bissell PowerFresh 2747A Steam and Vac All-in-One Mop

bissell powerfresh electric mops

  • Has easy touch digital controls
  • Sanitize floors using the power of steam.
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Best Electric Mops in Battery

GOBOT Cordless Scrubber

gobot cordless electric mops

GOBOT Cordless Electric Mop Cleaner is the Best Mop for hardwood floors and is perfect for a wide range of floors. It highlights strong double turn engines that permit the mop to clean amazingly quick while expelling stains, earth, and grime from your floor. This Cordless electric Mop deals with all surfaces, including tile, wood, marble, and overlay floors.

Other than that, it cleans discreetly without upsetting your neighbors as it keeps the noise beneath 60dB, letting you have significant serenity. The Electric Mop Cleaner has numerous capacities and setting as it has choices for wiping, waxing, and fast showering. Besides, it is anything but difficult to utilize and accompanies a 180-degree pivoting handle that gives effortless access to each piece of your home.

Pros Cons
Clean quietly with a noise level below 60dB Not very durable
Has a 180-degree rotating handle

Homitt Electric Cordless Power Microfiber Mops

homitt cordless mops

This is another unrivaled quality Cordless electric mops that perform 3 exercises in one, including cleaning, cleaning, and scouring. It is a remote electric turn mop that is too lightweight, and you can clean your home with a solitary hand. The power splash mop ordinarily turns up to 120r/min while evacuating stains rapidly and without any problem.

It will give an intensive cleaning to the room, kitchen, family room, and the sky is the limit from there. Other than that, it accompanies an amazing battery that constantly works for 40 min to 50min after just 4 hours of quick charging. In a perfect world, this Cordless electric mops has a 300ml water tank at the base, permitting shower work.

Notwithstanding that, it has an extendable pole that you can acclimate to meet your various needs without bowing. The pole for the most part turns 90-degree to make cleaning simpler, work sparing and efficient.

Pros Cons
Mop spins up to 120r/min to removes stubborn stains quickly and easily Expensive
Wireless electric spin mop and only weights 2. 84lbs

Independent of the trouble or hardness of your floor, this Electric Spin Mop is the ideal answer for you. It includes all-in-one multifunctional configuration permitting you to moist disposable cloth, wax, clean, and dry wipe. In a perfect world, this Electric Spin Mop has a 440ml water tank at the base that has a splash spout that spreads water equally on the ground.

The Spin Mop normally turns up to 250r/min expelling all the obstinate stains rapidly and without any problem. Something else, the Electric Spin Mop is anything but difficult to work and can be utilized in any event, for seniors and children. It likewise has a customizable handle from 36 inches to 48 inches and a movable edge up to 90 degrees. In conclusion, the mop is lightweight, permitting you to wipe your home with only one hand.

Pros Cons
Comes with an adjustable handle A bit flimsy
Easy Operation ideal for use by Elders and kids Pricey

Gladwell Cordless 3 in 1 Mop

gladwell cordless mop

This simple to utilize and smooth structure of Gladwell Electric Mop will help you in keeping your hard surfaces germ-free and excessively perfect. This cordless Electric Mop has a handle that highlights the 180-degree revolution to give easy access to every territory in your home. Notwithstanding that, it accompanies a dependable battery that enables you to clean without having any communication.

With its different capacity and setting, you can utilize this item to brisk shower, wax, or mop the surface. Something else, the Electric Mop is furnished with a powerful double turn engine that makes the mop amazing and will destroy even the hardest stains. To summarize, the Electric Mop accompanies an entire one year guarantee.

Pros Cons
The Electric Mop works on all surfaces Durability issues
A long-lasting battery that only takes 2 hours to charge

Best Electric Mops in Features

Mamibot Cordless 3-in-1 Electric Dual Spin Mop

mamibot cordless mops

The Mamibot Cordless cleaner accomplishes more than cleaning your home. It is a three out of one multifunctional Electric Dual Spin Mop that is structured alongside waxing, wiping, and cleaning capacities. The mop will guarantee that your home is all the more spotless and flawless. Other than that, the Dual Spin Mop has LED lights that permit you to detect each side of your home that is messy.

Additionally, the Spinning mop handle for the most part accompanies Power pointer light, on/off switch, just as customizable stick reached out from 36.6in to 45.3in. The unit has two turn heads that are initiated by an incredible module battery. This permits you to adequately expel slick and clingy stains, impressions, or wrecks on the floor.

Pros Cons
Adjustable Handle Stick from 36.6in to 45.3in Not very durable
A LED light that illuminates the area you are cleaning the floor

vmai Cordless Electric Spin Mop

vmia cordless mops

vmai Cordless spin Mop is an ordinary electric mop that helps you clean everything inside a brief timeframe. It will permit you to clean your home with cord length constraint, and the item is too light with just 6.9 lbs. in weight. With that, you can wipe around your home utilizing a solitary hand, keeping your lounge area, family room, and kitchen immaculate.

In addition, it has double turn engines that clean at 250r/mins to expel grimes and earth from your floor. The Spin Mop highlights 300ml inherent water, and it likewise incorporates an estimating cup that will assist you with filling the water tanks with water.

Additionally, the mop as an unattached plan making it helpful to store the mop. Most importantly, the item accompanies a lifetime bolster guarantee.

Pros Cons
Includes two waxing pads and two mopping microfiber pads Durability issues
Front led lights that illuminate dark corners for efficiently

Comfyer Swift 2 in 1 Cordless Mop

comfyer swift

The Comfyer Swift is truly an excellent Cordless Electric Spin Mop, and in this way is the ideal model for the individuals who need to clean hard spaces. It is an adaptable mop that gives different capacities, including showering, coating, waxing, and cleaning.

Additionally, it is anything but difficult to utilize, and you have to squeeze one catch and shower water on the floor for intensive and profound cleaning. The unit has two velocities of cleaning that is movable as indicated by your necessities. Something else, the Electric Spin Mop has User-accommodating Design and highlights front LED lights that permit you to clean even dim corners.

The Spin Mop has a durable battery that will empower you to have a tidying work season of up to 50 mins.

Pros Cons
2 in 1 versatile mop with multiple functions Suction gets clogged quite easily
Comes with dual 360° rotating motors

Best Electric Mops in Durability

Elicto Electronic Dual Spin Mop Heads


Pondering which is the best mop head for your electric Spin Mop? Try not to stress; the Elicto Electronic Spin Mop Heads is one of the most solid and premium items that is devoted to keeping your floor clean.

In a perfect world, this Mop Heads are perfect for a trade for ES-230, ES-530, ES-430, ES-330, and ES-200 models.

They are made of excellent microfiber, making them the best in the market. This Heavy Scrub Pads are perfect for cleaning gateways, kitchens, tiles, and a fixed hard-floor living territory.

Other than that, the cushions are reusable and launderable; subsequently, you can utilize them on numerous occasions.

Pros Cons
Heavy Scrub Pads ideal for cleaning hard-floor living area Not very easy to use
The replacement mop head fits many Spin Mop

SWDK Electric Cordless Mop

SWDK electric mops

Next on this rundown is the SWDK Electric Cordless Cleaning Mop that is lightweight permits secure dealing with less exertion. It is a high performing Cleaning Mop that has a worked-in rechargeable battery that goes on for 50 minutes of cleaning when completely energized. Notwithstanding that, the Cleaning Mop is reasonable for a wide range of hard surfaces, for example, vinyl, overlay, built hardwood, stone, tiles, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Also, Cleaning Mop can be utilized to wax the floor equitably and without any problem. The Cleaning Mop includes a high-recurrence responding development making it perfect for lifting up difficult grime and earth on different hard surfaces. Additionally, the Cleaning Mop permits water to splashes equally and has a LED light locator found before the mop.

Pros Cons
Lightweight Noisy in operation
Has a rubbing frequency of 1000 times per minute

Bissell PowerFresh 2747A

bissel electric mops

Bissell PowerFresh is the top item on this rundown, which picks up prevalence because of its toughness and usability. It will steam and Vacuum your hard floors simultaneously while dispensing with 99. 9 percent of microscopic organisms and germs.

Other than that, it is anything but difficult to work as it accompanies Easy Touch Digital Controls that permits you to switch between steam, vacuum, or both. It is sheltered to utilize it on fixed hard floors, for example, rock, marble, tile, fired, tile, and hardwood.

This All-in-One Mop will vacuums up dirt and dust and soil while steam cleaning your hard floors. The item itself is produced using top-notch materials making it sturdy and will serve you for quite a while.

Pros Cons
A powerful, cyclonic vacuum that captures debris and dirt A bit pricey
Steam and vacuum your hard floors at the same time

Test Process

During our testing, we relied on the opinion of experts and feedback of clients based on these major factors: Affordability, Coil, and Comb binding type of machines.

More analysis of these electric mops were uncovered from further research and online reviews. From results and feedbacks (both positive and negative), we were able to categorize each product according to our standard.

If you take a critical look at our review, you’ll discover the manner at which each mop has been categorized. Also, take note that after our testing, the electric mops that weren’t up to standard were excluded from our list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are electric mops worth it?

Electric mops are by a long shot more viable at cleaning than traditional mops. In view of the assortment of movements and propelled highlights like steam, they tidy up wrecks better. Floors can be tidied up in a small amount of the time with electric mops.

Are steam mops better than regular mops?

Not at all like traditional mops, the mop head retains the dirt, and the warmth of the steam is ready to murder the majority of the microscopic organisms and residue bugs on the floor. It isn’t just a quicker method for cleaning yet a more sterile one.

Are steam mops good for tile floors?

Yes. Steam mops can help you scour even the hardest grime and stains from your tiles. A good steam mop can shoot grime off of tile flooring, and even reach into tile grout to clean and purify.


Picking the best electric mops is something that ought to be considered important and without a doubt,  we believe that our review must have helped you in selecting the right brand and specification of these mops to buy. Be that as it may, ensure you check all the necessary details of your preferred choice before purchasing.