Smartphone Drops in Water? Here’s a simple fix

Smartphone drop in water

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Nowadays, smartphones have become a need for the general population. Individuals have higher necessities for both sound quality pixel and exon of the telephone, particularly for ladies, who by and large have better expectations for pixel sound quality. Be that as it may, the most no-no of cell phones is to be dropped or absorbed water.

In the event that the smartphone drops in water, and you convenient process it, which won’t muchly affect the actual fuselage. Nonetheless, the effect on the camera is generally huge. All in all, what to do if the telephone gets in the water? How to manage the smartphone that couldn’t be turned on after it drops in the water? Here are a few recommendations.

Steps to fix the issue that the smartphone drops in water

  • 1: Scoop up the phone
  • 2: Remove the phone battery
  • 3: Dry off the water drops
  • 4: Place the phone in a container with raw rice
  • 5: Switch on the phone

Step 1: Scoop the smartphone up

As a matter of first importance, when you incidentally find that your cell phone drops in water, you ought to promptly scoop it up. The more drawn out the telephone is absorbed water, the more prominent the harm will be, so it ought to be scooped up without a second thought.

Step 2: Remove the smartphone battery

Whenever you’ve scooped up your smartphone, don’t turn it on, don’t press any buttons. On the off chance that your telephone battery is removable, you ought to painstakingly open up the rear of the battery, and afterward eliminate the cell phone battery and SIM card(s). In the event that your cell phone’s battery is non-removable, it ought to be shipped off an auto shop for water treatment right away.

Step 3: Wiping off the water drops

After the battery is eliminated, you can utilize the dry fabric to wipe it cautiously. Subsequent to clearing off the outer water drops, you can continue to the next activity. Kindly note that the hairdryer ought not to be utilized to dry the phone, in any case, the high-temperature heat may make destroying harm the touchy parts inside the phone.

Step 4: Place the smartphone in a container with raw rice

Then, place the phone in a sealed shut holder with raw rice. Since raw rice is useful for retaining fluids. It is smarter to save it in an impenetrable compartment for two or three days, or 1 to 2 months. When all is said in done, if conditions are accessible, placed in a drying specialist for better outcomes.

Step 5: Switch on the smartphone

Two or three days or a month, you can take out your telephone from a sealed shut compartment with uncooked rice back, introduce the battery, and give turning it a shot. In the event that the telephone can be turned on effectively, it implies the telephone can be utilized typically. On the off chance that the telephone can’t be turned on, it is said that you can just think about purchasing another phone.


It’s important to turn off the phone and eliminate the battery for it to get dry after it drops in water. With that, the battery won’t be wet and a few sections inside the phone won’t be singed if the telephone is turned on afterward. Also, if the telephone is fit to be turned on, check all parts cautiously to determine whether they work appropriately.

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