Razer Nommo Pro PC Speaker Review

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Last Updated on May 1, 2024 by Daniel Osakwe

Razer is a company well known for its wide variety of gaming wares. The company has recently expanded more into the audio segment and unveiled a new set of PC speakers – the Razer Nommo Pro. These are 2-piece speakers with a subwoofer. However, what’s very surprising about these speakers is that they have been tuned by none other than THQ itself. That makes them pretty special by default.

Razer Nommo Pro: Key Specifications

  • Two satellite speakers and a subwoofer
  • THQ certification for Dolby Virtual Surround Sound
  • Bluetooth 4.2, optical, analog, and USB connectivity

In just seconds, we had the Razer Nommo Pro in our hands, a cutting-edge 2.1 gaming sound system, powered by the iconic laptop and PC peripherals giant behind the Blade 15.

Gaming sessions online will sound like a full-out war in your living room with its audiophile-level sound quality.

With Dolby Virtual Surround Sound, THQ certification, and four input options, the Nommo Pro has a lot going for it. Any serious gaming setup, whether on PC or console, would benefit from the Nommo Pro if cost is not an issue.

Although prices start at £500, and the subwoofer and satellite speakers take up a lot of space, you should find a place to house the system before sending over your hard-earned money.

Razer Nommo Pro: Design

Razer nomma pro review

There is nothing subtle about the Razer Nommo Pro. It comes with a control dial, a giant down-firing cylindrical subwoofer, and two satellite speakers, all of which take up most of a regular desk.

I think the design isn’t the prettiest I’ve seen. Regardless of whether the satellite speakers’ RGB lighting is on or off, the Nommo Pro will still draw attention if you turn it off – which is an excellent idea if you use the Razer Synapse app the moment you set up the speakers.

Setup is also a little tedious due to the Nommo Pro’s woefully short cables. During setup, I had to reroute most of my console’s wiring and adjust the positioning of my gaming PC to create a direct channel for the Nommo Pro.

It checks all the boxes for functionality once it is configured. There are four different inputs supported by Nommo Pro: USB, optical, Bluetooth 4.2, and 3.5mm. Using the dial control, you can easily switch sources and control the volume with a single button. For me, this made it easy to switch from USB for gaming to optical for my TV and Bluetooth when streaming from my phone.

It’s very nice that Razer rubberized the bottom of the subwoofer and speakers, so they stick to the table, which is especially useful for competitive gamers hulking out at “unfair” deaths from time to time.

Additionally, Razer Synapse (desktop) and Nommo Pro (iOS/Android) both provide excellent experiences. It allows you to adjust the speakers’ EQ and RGB lighting patterns, switch between audio presets (gaming, movie, music, etc), and switch on sound modes such as Dolby Surround Sound.

Using the Nommo Pro while sitting in your lounge means you don’t have to get up for the volume slider, which saves you time.

Sound quality

Razer nommo pro

Nommo Pro manages to deliver pretty impressive sound quality, particularly when gamers are present.

The first thing I noticed was that it is very loud. In fact, it is so loud that when I accidentally cranked it all the way up while watching a horror movie on my PC (USB connection), I had my neighbors knocking on my door thinking someone was being murdered. Don’t let anyone mislead you, the Nommo Pro is loud by any standards.

My favorite feature is how well the subwoofer and satellite speakers combine their sound – the subwoofer has a three-inch driver with Dupont Kevlar coating, and the satellite has a silk dome tweeter.

The low end of Razer’s speakers is precisely controlled, unlike many brands that are just getting started in audio. As soon as the down-firing subwoofer kicks in, audio is rumbled but no other frequencies are drowned out.

When I played online shooters, I could constantly hear players’ voices over the sound of heavy gunfire and rumbling engines. Film soundtracks were no different. The only quibble I have is that the low end could be tighter and punchier. I noticed this, especially during a cyberpunk-themed game with an aggressive soundtrack.

As well as wide soundstages, this set-up produces excellent audio. As a result of this fact, the Nommo Pro offers a precise sense of direction when gaming, in addition to its Dolby Surround Sound support. Whenever I played survival horror games, I could hear footsteps coming toward me, adding an entirely new level of terror. This is a great system for gaming and watching movies even without Dolby Surround being turned on. It provides a great stereo image and, overall, is well-suited for watching and playing movies.

In addition to the mids and highs, there is also a bit of a lack of precision sometimes, particularly when playing music or using Bluetooth. Because the Nommo Pro focuses on gaming, it is understandable.

Pros Cons
Excellent connectivity A little more punch would be nice in the bass
A user-friendly app Expensive
A rich audio experience

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Should I buy the Razer Nommo Pro?

Gaming speakers cost more than £500, there is no getting around that. However, if you have the cash to spare, the Razer Nommo Pro is well worth it.

In addition to its good looks and overall performance, the sound system will make gaming more enjoyable. In terms of an all-in-one TV audio setup, I wouldn’t describe it as a true audiophile effort, but volumes and sound quality are more than good enough for gaming and basic streaming, making it an ideal choice for lounges and gaming on PCs.


Whether gaming at a desk or in a living room, the Razer Nommo Pro is an excellent sound system. The audio quality is excellent and it has a wide soundstage that supports immersive movie watching. Nonetheless, it is a very expensive luxury, starting at £500.