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Neewer Ring Light Kit Review

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Last Updated on December 1, 2023 by Daniel Osakwe

Newer’s Ring Light features the latest in LED technology that allows for the light to be mounted on a ring which makes it easy to get the perfect light when needed. The Newer Ring Light is the first Ring Light to feature a rubberized grip that is easy to hold onto and is completely waterproof.

The Newer Ring Light is available in different sizes that will be perfect for the amateur photographer who is looking to get the perfect light for a small home studio or for a bigger studio where there is a desire to make sure that everyone is always lit up.

This review will be on the Newer Ring Light kit which is available in the sizes of 18″ sizes.


Even though the Neewer Advanced Ring Light costs more than the earlier model, convenience is where it justifies its price.

Neewer Ring Light: Specifications

Included with the Neewer 18″ Ring Light (model 10088612) are:

  • 240 LEDs inside a ring with an 18″ outer circumference.
  • Stand (without a ring or gooseneck, 29.5-261″).
  • Gooseneck.
  • power cord (141 inches).
  • 4 3200 and 4 5600 Kelvin diffusion plates are used.
  • Bluetooth remote for the shutter (for phones, not to control the light).
  • Ball mounting with a 1/4″ screw.
  • telephone grip
  • transport bag.
  • Instructional manual.

Neewer Ring Light: Build Quality

Neewer ring light

Although the actual ring of both lights is plastic, they both come with an aluminum pedestal. The Advanced Ring Light’s diffusion is integrated directly into the ring, while the older model’s diffusion plates are made of plastic.

The previous version has a gooseneck that allows you to position the light however you like. Although it is incredibly sturdy and difficult to bend on its own, using the weight of the ring itself makes the adjustment simple.

The locking mechanisms on the ring make it simple to adjust the angles of both lights. Although the lights are very large, I’m very impressed with how sturdy they are in general. Both of these stood upright when used outside, even in extremely windy conditions. Just in case, I might decide to attach them to something external in the future. fantastic design

Neewer Ring Light: Product Photography

It is also preferable to use the original Neewer 18″ Ring Light while capturing products. In order to take images of the things I order for  Newlintech Reviews, I typically need to pack 2 or 3 lamps. Simply put, the Advanced Ring Light isn’t powerful enough on its own. The previous model doesn’t even require any additional lights because it can illuminate the entire thing.

Neewer Ring Light: Adjusting the brightness and color temperature wirelessly

The original Neewer model comes with manual-clip-on diffusion plates, and frequently the final one will be slightly out of alignment. Although this is a pain, once the 5600K plates are installed you might never have to remove them.

Additionally, the brightness must be physically adjusted with a knob, and as there are no marks or increments, it is impossible to determine what percentage you are at.

There is a remote included with the Neewer 18″ Advanced Ring Light. Unfortunately, it does not come with the two AAA batteries it needed to operate. However, you can quickly and simply change the brightness and color temperature with it.

Neewer Ring Light: Diffusion

The fact that these lights are easy on the eyes is another convenience feature. Even though the earlier model is significantly brighter, as you pass roughly 40%, the diffusion isn’t that excellent. The light becomes harsh and physically exhausting to look at as it becomes increasingly intense, highlighting wrinkles and shadows rather than attempting to conceal them.

The Advanced Ring Light is excellent for longer usage in a home or office setting since it remains even and gentle at any brightness level.


  • Camera mounting options: Your device can be inserted directly inside the ring using the phone grip and camera ball mount that are included. You can rotate the phone grip either horizontally or vertically.


  • Lack of Light Stand Options: Both of these gadgets have the drawback of only being able to be attached to the base they were shipped with. Both of these lights lack desk clamps, and there is no 1/4 inch threading for attaching a replacement.


I recommend the Neewer 18″ Advanced Ring Light for private interior use. With the remote, it is more practical, the light is never too intense, and it is easier on the eyes over time.

The Neewer 18″ Ring Light (10088612) is recommended for picture shoots that require extremely intense light or for shooting outdoors.