JVC DLA-X5900 4k Projector Review

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Last Updated on May 1, 2024 by Daniel Osakwe

JVC DLA-X5900 4k Projector Review.

If you’re familiar with the high-end projector market, you’ve almost certainly heard of JVC. Known for offering a strong value to videophiles and casual consumers alike, JVC’s reputation is maintained with the DLA-X5900. While there aren’t any game-changing design modifications when compared to previous-generation models, there are enough minute improvements to make this projector an enticing prospect for those looking at purchasing a 4k projector.

With JVC’s strong reputation for consistent and high-quality projectors in mind, let’s delve into the JVC DLA-X5900 to see if it might offer the right combination of modern features and timeless dependability for your needs.

JVC DLA-X5900 4k Projector: Design

  • High-quality lens
  • Excellent built quality
  • Easy to control

JVC DLA-X5900 review

The design of the X5900 is the same one that JVC has used on their previous five generations of projectors. So you get a high-quality centrally mounted lens and air vents on either side. There’s no motorized lens cover, however, the lens controls themselves are motorized and there’s a lens memory feature, making the X5900 very easy to set up. The pixel alignment on our sample was excellent, although should you find there is a slight misalignment, you can correct this with the Pixel Adjust function.
The lens itself is of high quality for a projector at this price point and delivered very sharp images. There are some basic indicator lights at the top front left of the projector as you face it, whilst all the other controls and connections are at the rear. The build quality is excellent and the X5900 measures 455 x 179 x 472mm (WxHxD), and weighs in at 15.4kgs. The projector is available in a choice of black or white with a matte finish and silver trim.

JVC DLA-X5900 4k Projector: Connections & Control

JVC DLA-X5900 review

There is a set of basic controls at the rear, in case you misplace the remote, along with all the connections. As with the previous two generations of JVC projectors, there are two HDMI inputs, an Ethernet port, an RS232 serial connector, a 3D emitter port, and a 12V trigger. The RS232 connector and the LAN port can both be used for system control.
Unlike many other projector manufacturers, JVC uses HDMI 2.0 inputs that can handle transfer rates up to 18Gbps – which means they not only support HDCP 2.2, Wide Colour Gamut, and High Dynamic Range (both HDR10 and Hybrid Log-Gamma) but they also accept signals up to 4K60p, 4:4:4 and 12-bit.
The included remote control is the same black plastic design that JVC has been using for a while now.
It includes a backlight and the buttons are sensibly laid out with keys for selecting the inputs, the Lens Control, Lens Memory, and Lens Aperture controls, along with buttons for selecting the Picture Modes and directly accessing many of the calibration and setup features. As with previous generations, the remote is comfortable to hold, easy to use with one hand, and very effective.



  • A 265W high output NSH lamp offers a brightness of up to 1,800 lumens
  • An impressive contrast ratio of 40,000:1 without Intelligent Lens Aperture selected
  • JVC’s patented Intelligent Lens Aperture delivers a dynamic contrast ratio that has the capability of reaching a ratio of 400,000:1
  • When an HDR10 signal is received, this model will automatically switch to the correct HDR picture mode
  • Clear Motion Drive frame technology and the Motion Enhance feature combine to minimize distracting motion blur while the projector is in use


  • This model utilizes the same 265W lamp as its predecessor, the X5500. While this isn’t an enticing prospect for those looking to upgrade their projector, a dependable lamp-life of 4,500 hours combined with improvements, in contrast, makes up for the lack of a groundbreaking upgrade.
  • 4K-levels of video quality are claimed, but not through true 4K technology. Instead of offering genuine 4K like many projectors at this price point, JVC relies on their proprietary e-Shift system to produce a picture quality that is essentially twice that of 1080p and thus considered to be 4K.
  • As far as connectors go, the offerings on the DLA-X5900 are exactly the same as its X5500 predecessor. Considering the fact that there hasn’t been a huge change in the connector space since JVC’s last iteration, this is a forgivable (yet unimaginative) situation, as all of the standard and necessary connections, such as HDMI, an RS232 connector, and Ethernet port, are offered.


  • Excellent black levels
  • Impressive dynamic range
  • E-shift can be effective
  • Supports HDR
  • Accurate after calibration
  • Great video processing
  • Superb 3D images
  • Attractive price


  • Not native 4K
  • Could be more accurate out-of-the-box


With an impressive combination of technical specifications, a reasonable price point, and an attractive form factor, the JVC DLA-X5900 offers more than enough to convince casual videophiles and everyday film fans to make this projector a part of their home theatre setup. However, due largely to the fact that the DLA-X5900 lacks true 4K and has a number of quirky features, this projector will likely leave much to be desired for hardcore videophiles.

This is an unfortunate conclusion to come to, as JVC has done a great job of improving upon its product offerings over the years. Known for its dependability and steady improvements, the DLA-X5900 comes close to being the best budget projector on the market available for the needs of all consumers. Yet, it is not quite enough to satisfy those who have die-hard opinions regarding video quality.

For a budget-priced projector, the JVC DLA-X5900 offers a fantastic projector for the price. In a generation or two, it is likely that JVC’s proprietary e-Shift system will be improved to the point that even the most attended eye cannot tell the difference from true 4K. Until then, this projector can only be suggested for those who do not consider themselves die-hard fans of 4K, as most consumers outside of this niche category will be extremely satisfied with the quality offered by the JVC DLA-X5900 projector.