Is your iPhone Overheating

Is your iPhone Overheating? 3 Ways you Can Easily Fix it!

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Last Updated on December 1, 2023 by Daniel Osakwe

Have you noticed your iPhone overheating? It’s quite common for this to happen especially during the summer months where the temperatures can be as high as 35 degrees in the UK or even higher if you live in one of the temperate regions of the world.

iPhones are designed to work best at temperatures between 0 to 35 degrees Celsius. The ideal working temperature for your iPhone is between 16 to 22 degrees Celsius.

Although there might be other reasons which may lead to your iPhone overheating, you might find your iPhone struggling to cope when the weather is really hot or if you find yourself in sub-zero temperatures.

Excessively exposing your iPhone to temperatures that are too high or too low may have a negative impact on your iPhone’s battery over time, you may notice your iPhone lagging or your battery draining really quickly.

Common Reasons for iPhone Overheating

Apps/Software Issue

iPhone Overheating

iPhone Overheating

This is the major culprit for an iPhone or any mobile phone for that matter overheating. If you notice your iPhone overheating after you have installed an app, chances are there some issues with the software of the app that is giving your iPhone an overload.

The best thing to do in a situation like this will be to uninstall the app to see if that’ll fix your iPhone and prevent it from overheating. If it’s not caused by your recently installed app, there is another way to check if an installed app is the culprit. You can check how much energy/battery life is being used by each app you have installed and use on your iPhone.

An app that’s not being used should use little or no battery power when in sleep/dormant mode. If you find an app using so much battery even when it’s not open, you may want to uninstall that app so you can increase the lifespan of your iPhone’s battery.

If uninstalling the apps doesn’t work, you might reset your iPhone to fix the overheating problem, you will benefit from this article on how to factory reset your iPhone.

Faulty Battery or Charger causing iPhone Overheating

When you have used your iPhone for a good number of years, it’s commonplace to notice that the battery may start overheating. iPhones like most smartphones are fitted with lithium-ion batteries. These batteries have a very high energy density and can overheat if it’s been overcharged or undercharged.

If you notice your iPhone getting really hot when charging, try changing the charger to see if it stops your iPhone overheating, if you have changed the charger and it is still overheating, then your iPhone’s battery is most likely faulty and you may want to look into getting it replaced. You risk causing a fire outbreak if you continually use a faulty lithium-ion battery.

Tips to help Prevent iPhone Overheating

Close Unused Running Apps

It’s best practice to close unused running apps on your mobile phone. There are some mobile apps that put so much strain on your mobile phone’s processor, if you must have these types of apps installed on your mobile phone ensure you close the apps as soon as you are done using them, don’t leave them running in the background as they will make your mobile phone work harder than necessary. You might notice your mobile phone crashing if you try running three powerful apps at the same time, e.g. IMVU Desktop and Pokemon Go.

Ensure all Mobile apps are Updated

iPhone Overheating

iPhone Overheating

To give your iPhone the best performance, make sure you always implement the latest software update for your iPhone and also for the mobile apps you have installed. This is important because you may miss important bugs fixes that might cause your iPhone to overheat.

Always check the App store on your iPhone if there are any pending apps updates that need to be done. You can do this by opening the app store app on your mobile phone, at the top right corner of the screen, tap your account icon, and then simply scroll down to see if there are any pending updates available, tap Update All to update all pending apps.

Do a Quick Restart on your iPhone

Turning your iPhone off and on might sound simple, but it might just be the only fix your iPhone needs. This simple but effective phone maintenance hack can help with software issues like iPhone overheating, iPhone crashing, and unresponsive iPhone.

There are other ways you can maintain your smartphone for optimal performance. I hope you manage to get your iPhone running smoothly again as soon as possible.

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