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fujifilm instax mini link printer review

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The Fujifilm instax mini link is a small USB-cable-sized printer that fits in the palm of your hand. The printer connects to your smartphone, tablet, or computer via a special adapter, and prints photos, documents, or stickers from the LINK app. You can upload any image to the printer or print from the phone directly to the LINK printer.

Design and Functions of the Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer

fujifilm instax mini link printer

If you’ve used an Instax camera before, the Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer Special Edition will feel familiar. A similar film door and knob are found on both film ejection slots and film compartments. The Instax Mini uses the same film loading process and, naturally, the same Instax Mini film that launched the whole Instax line to fame.

Additionally, it has other characteristics that make it unique. The Instax Mini Printer comes with a micro USB port for charging instead of a battery you’d eventually need to replace or replace separately. It’s much easier with that, even if you would prefer a USB-C port.

Located in the center and bearing the Instax logo, the power button features LED lighting that acts as an indicator for battery life, charging, pairing, and printing. And let’s be honest, it makes it even cuter. Finally, the button is ribbed to give it a luxurious feel.

The Mini Link Printer does not connect directly to your Nintendo Switch; rather, it uses the Switch’s ability to send saved screen captures to smartphones via QR codes, as well as adapts the existing Mini Link smartphone app, only tweaking it a little to make the process faster.

Ideally, the printer would connect directly to your Switch, but that would require Fujifilm to develop a whole new app. Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer- Performance and Smartphone App For a look, this Nintendo Switch-themed Special Edition has an Ash White body, dark denim fringe around the power button, and a pinkish-red panel over the film ejection slot. Those who choose the limited-edition Pikachu silicone case will find it reminiscent of the first-generation Pokemon games.

The printer uses your mobile phone as a go-between: it connects via Bluetooth to your Link for Switch app, while the app utilizes a Switch Direct Print feature that lets you quickly scan the QR code your Switch generates to grab the image or batch of images you wish to print. Afterward, you can adjust, edit, and customize each image. Simply swipe up to print when you’re ready.

App for the Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer

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The entire process is done within the app. Fujifilm clearly went to great lengths to make printing Pokemon snaps as easy as possible for users. It has also made it more fun, especially if you make it a Pokemon-themed party.

Despite Pokemon Snap’s in-game photo editing feature that lets you add filters, stickers, and frames to your captures-a feature that the Instagram and TikTok crowd would appreciate-the Link for Switch app itself has plenty of editing and customization options. You can zoom in and rotate to adjust framing, apply filters (there are only three by default), and toggle brightness, contrast, and saturation.

These have all been quite useful, especially when it comes to those Pokemon shots taken at night or that aren’t quite perfectly framed, as is often the case.

In addition, Fujifilm has added 15 fun Pokemon Snap frames. Also included are college printing, party printing, video printing, as well as the Sketch, Edit, and Print feature from the original mini Link app. I enjoyed the app a lot, so much so that I spent as much time printing my Pokemon snaps as I did playing the game.

It works perfectly. The printing process takes seconds, though, as is tradition, you have to wait for the image to develop and manifest on the film. Despite that, these films will not shake-they are not like the old Polaroid cameras.

With a full charge, you can take up to 100 pictures. Although I haven’t yet run the battery to zero, I can say that charging is fairly fast, despite the micro USB connection.

Pros & Cons

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The Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer Special Edition costs close to $100, and that’s before you consider the cost of Pokemon Snap, let alone the additional cost of Instax film. Having said that, this little accessory feels like a natural extension of the game. Similar to how real-life photographers develop their images, the Instax Mini Link Printer allows newly-christened Pokemon enthusiasts to do the same, albeit on a smaller scale.