Best Print Servers of 2021

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List of the Best Print Servers

Products Features Where to Buy

TP-Link TL-PS110U

  • IP address assigning
  • Internet Printing Protocol
  • Samba protocol support

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HP JetDirect 620n

HP jet direct 620n print servers

  • Simple solution for HP legacy printers without network support
  • Handles print jobs with a high level of speed
  • Compatible with most modern OSs
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D-Link DP-300U

D-link DP-300U Print servers

  • Multiple connectors for up to three printers
  • Extensive support for printers with parallel ports
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NETGEAR Universal N300

NETGEAR Universal N300 servers

  • Adds a wireless function to a printer
  • Relatively compact and svelte
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StarTech PM1115P2

Startech PM1115P2 print servers

  • Speedy data transfer rate
  • Very compact
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Netgear PS101 Mini servers

  • Easily connects to the body of most parallel port printers
  • Fast Ethernet connection
  • Web-based status monitor
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IOGEAR GPSU21 print servers

  • USB 3.0 Support
  • Easy setup
  • Useful built-in security features
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Looking for a good print server to buy? You just found the right place. On our post today, we’ve listed and reviewed the 7 best print servers available in the market. So, whether you’re looking for a wireless print server, a USB print server, a multi-port print server, an internal or external print servers, we’ve got them all for you.

So, having said that, lets take a quick look at each of these print servers we’ve discovered for you below.

Buyer’s Guide: What to Look for in Print Servers Before Buying

USB Support: Not each PC on the network approaches the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth of the home/office. Thus, it’s a smart thought to buy a print server that has USB support. These items ordinarily accompany a key drive-sized USB dongle that connects to your PC by means of a standard USB port. When associated, the dongle will permit speedy, two-route correspondence between the PC and the print server. The absolute best items will have auto-detecting, permitting you to consequently begin printing from your PC without introducing any product.

Multi-Device Support: The most recent rage in the realm of office printing is the All-in-One Printer. These gadgets permit you to print, output, fax, and duplicate effortlessly, however in the event that you don’t have one of these, print servers can give comparative comfort. This is finished by supporting numerous gadgets that have differing functionalities, so rather than simply having the option to attach remotely to a printer, you’ll additionally have the option to connect to scanners, fax, machines, and copiers through your print server.

Compatibility: One of the essential elements of a decent print server is making more established printers usable in a cutting edge office climate. Thus, the gadget should be sufficiently adaptable to deal with heritage gadgets. This implies that the server ought to have actual associations associated with equal printer ports and USB jacks on printers that aren’t Wi-Fi-or Bluetooth-prepared. The exact opposite thing you need is to buy an item that won’t plug into your gadgets.

Web Printing: With a gadget that upholds web printing, not exclusively will you have the option to print locally, yet you’ll likewise be prepared to begin print occupations when you’re working from far off areas. Normally, this is finished by the Line Printer Remote (LPR) convention. This is helpful for carrying a more seasoned printer into modern times and makes it simple for the individuals who need to print things out for later get up at the workplace.

Internal or External: When you’re available for one of these items, you’ll be given a decision: would it be a good idea for you to choose internal or outside print servers? internal print servers are introduce into a port on the rear of your PC and guide straightforwardly into the motherboard of your PC. The upside of one of these is that they are totally unnoticeable, and the print server can run on one of your standard business PCs. Having said that, to run the print server, you will have to have the PC on consistently.

Then again, an outside gadget is anything but difficult to arrangement and needs close to no equipment establishment, so you’ll have the option to get up and run speedier. All things considered, these items can likewise be pushed over in a bustling office to get harmed in certain circumstances. Which item you pick will rely upon your home or office needs, however both can in any case truly smooth out the effectiveness of your printing cycle.

Best Print Servers with USB Support

TP-LINK TL-PS110U Print Server

TP-Link TL-PS110U Print servers

Our first print server is a USB-compatible server with a solitary USB port for association with a solitary printer. This port uses USB 2.0 innovation, so it’s equipped for reasonably fast communication between the gadget and the objective printer. On the body of the server, you’ll find several indicator lights that will advise you if the USB association is dynamic and whether the servers status has changed. A champion element for this TP-LINK TL-PS110U print server is its capacity to print over the internet using the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) standard.

This implies that you can send printouts to the workplace, regardless of whether you’re riding the transport. Likewise, when you need to follow what’s been printed utilizing the gadget, its support of print logs will add numerous accommodations. Generally, the TP-LINK TL-PS110U print server has a good level of functionality for those that have USB-associated printers. It is reduced, has marker lights so you know it’s working, and is simple to set up. The option of IPP likewise adds a ton of usefulness and comfort.

Pros Cons
It utilizes USB 2.0 for fast connectivity There’s no support for parallel connector printers
This is a compact print server that fits anywhere

IOGEAR GPSU21 Print Servers

IOGEAR GPSU21 print servers

This IOGEAR item is a USB-connectable gadget that is reduced and simple to set up. A standard AC power connector powers it, and it utilizes the 2.0 adaptation of USB to interface with printers with such an association. Subsequently, you can get some great speed with this item, so print occupations should come rapidly. Moreover, this wired print server additionally takes into account distant printing, printing from any PC on the network.

It has auto-detecting innovation that will cause the printer to show up flawlessly on the framework. While the item has USB 2.0, it doesn’t have any equal port help. Also, USB 3.0 is accessible, which could give quicker printing than what this gadget is able to do. This server likewise interfaces with PCs that are running Windows 8.1 and previously, so Windows 10 can’t perceive the fringe.

This is extremely simple to set up an item that ought to be effectively findable on any PC network. It additionally bolsters DHCP, which gives a significant level of security for the item. Additionally, the item should turn out great on most Mac items. With a quick USB connector and a decent network speed, this item is an amazing alternative for anybody that has a USB-connectable printer.

Pros Cons
It connects via USB It’s not compatible with Windows 10
It has some useful built-in security features You’ll need to plug it in via a USB cable

D-Link DP-300U Print Servers

D-link DP-300U Print servers

D-Link is known for its top-level Ethernet and organization association equipment. The DP-300U is a great illustration of the organization bringing its organization ability into the universe of printing. The DP-300U is a sensibly steady box that attempts to interface with inheritance equal port printers. These have dropped out of consistent use, so in the event that you have one of these printers, it’ll bring your print occupations to the advanced time. Notwithstanding the two equal ports, it additionally has a solitary USB port for printers that utilization that innovation.

There is no production line reset button, so on the off chance that you need to change the settings, you’ll need to download programming from D-Link, which can be a huge issue. This is on the grounds that you’ll need to realize the past IP address data from any past settings, and in the event that you discover this item utilized, this can be difficult. On the off chance that you have various printers of various sorts, this gadget underpins two equal printers, and a solitary USB one can be advantageous.

This usefulness makes various printer sharing exceptionally straightforward and advantageous. The DP-300U is likewise referred to for its capacity to proceed as something of a workhorse arrangement; you’ll print a huge number of occupations without running into issues. For the expense of this item, you’ll be flabbergasted at how well it acts in pretty much any home or office printing climate. This is likewise a superb item to consider in case you’re needing a brisk and simple arrangement measure.

Pros Cons
It’s a very durable print server The product doesn’t work for every operating system
It has multiple connectors for up to three printers You’ll need IP address information if you’re changing settings

Best Internal Print Servers

HP JetDirect 620n Print Server

HP jet direct 620n print servers

This print server stands apart from a portion of the others in this guide since it’s unequivocally intended to function as an internal print server. This implies that you can introduce it straightforwardly into any viable HP gadget, which any printer utilizes the EIO opening that numerous HP gadgets use. Subsequently, you’ll have the option to consistently change over machines that solitary utilize equal associations with more present day designs. Tragically, this item just backings HP printers, so in the event that you have a gadget from some other producer, you won’t introduce it.

Furthermore, you can’t get to this print server wirelessly; it’s expressly intended to design non-web empowered printers to a prior organization, so you’ll require a link. The best component of this item is the way low-profile it is; you interface it to a current HP item and wire it into the network, which doesn’t take a lot of time. It’s viable with working frameworks up to Windows 10, and there is a wide assortment of HP items that it underpins.

On the off chance that you have a HP item, this is a good print server to consider for your day by day printing needs; it does as such by designing the printer to be available through a wired association. Generally speaking, the item conveys snappy and secure organization usefulness.

Pros Cons
It’s compatible with most modern operating systems This is an HP Printer-only product
It installs directly into preexisting HP products It doesn’t grant access to wireless networks

StarTech PM1115P2 Centronics Parallel Port Print Server

Startech PM1115P2 print servers

There’s no requirement for a more established printer to go to squander. An item like this print server from StarTech is expressly intended to interface heritage equal port printers to a home or office network without hardly lifting a finger. This is a wired alternative so you won’t interface through Wi-Fi, yet the association gives a 10/100 Mbps transfer rate that will ensure brisk prints. This item has no help for USB printers, so on the off chance that you need to add one to your Ethernet server, you must buy another item.

The documentation for the item is additionally moderately feeble, so it will take a touch of experimentation to sort out the gadget’s usefulness. The gadget additionally doesn’t appear to help Windows 10. One of the champion highlights of this wireless print server is its online administration instruments. With them, you can effectively screen your print servers usefulness and get a thought regarding what’s being printed at some random time.

With this product, you’ll even have the option to line up print occupations distantly, which is valuable when you’re making the rounds. Moreover, dealing with numerous printers on an organization is likewise genuinely simple with the Bonjour Print Service upheld by the gadget. This gadget will help you save by adding a touch of utility to more seasoned, heritage printers so it can have a ton of significant worth for some home or entrepreneurs. While it doesn’t have remote capacity, it makes it simple to associate up distantly to your machines utilizing an equal port.

Pros Cons
It’s a very compact product It isn’t wireless
It supports parallel port printers There’s no USB support

Best Wireless Internal Print Servers

NETGEAR Universal N300

NETGEAR Universal N300 servers

The next item in this guide isn’t solely for printers; indeed, it’s a gadget explicitly intended to bring non-Wi-Fi-empowered items into the universe of remote. Therefore, your wired web prepared printer will carry on like it’s designed to the web without the requirement for additional links. The item has a fresh transmission speed of 300 megabits for every second, and it has a sensibly wide reach so you can interface with your Wi-Fi from anyplace in the home or office. This gadget even has a WPS security setting that shields your gadgets from interruption.

For reasons unknown, this item doesn’t discover or interface with Wi-Fi signals that aren’t communicating a SSID, making it pointless for certain arrangements. Moreover, the WPS doesn’t generally work or is hard to set up. At long last, on account of a sensibly interesting arrangement measure, it is difficult to give a DHCP task to this server in any event without designing it through a switch. This item sparkles. All things considered, it has a sensibly one-size-fits-all styling on the grounds that it very well may be utilized for various items, not simply printers.

Furthermore, it has a decent measure of range, and its LED lights give a decent degree of initially checking so you can undoubtedly know whether the association is defective. It additionally gives a genuinely quick association of 54 Mbps. This item can function admirably to bring your inheritance web empowered printers into the remote age, however on the off chance that you have an item that doesn’t associate with the web with a wired association, at that point it probably won’t be the item for you.

Pros Cons
It’s relatively compact and svelte It’s known to fault sometimes
It has a fast data connection It’s only designed to support Windows 8

NETGEAR PS101 Mini Print Servers

Netgear PS101 Mini servers

This Netgear PS101 stands apart in light of the fact that it has locally available memory. The locally available memory can truly help a print server since it will air in keeping the print occupations that get through the gadget coordinated. This will help the gadget accelerate the printing cycle essentially. It likewise gives fresh data moves of 10 Mbps, which are conveyed by means of a wired association.

Since it has an inherent equal port, you can attach it straightforwardly to your printer, and it will work much the same as a wired association. Shockingly, this item isn’t viable with the most current Microsoft OS, Windows 10. It’s intended for Vista, however it will uphold Windows 7 and 8. Furthermore, at times the item will become lethargic when lining print occupations, which implies you’ll need to resubmit the print demand.

At last, controlling the item down can make it reset to production line defaults. This item is minuscule and fits inconspicuously behind your printer, which implies that it won’t be recognizable and won’t disrupt everything without any problem. It’s additionally sensibly simple to introduce on a few Microsoft and Apple working system. In the event that you need a minimal print server that can deal with a few print occupations all the while, this Netgear gadget may merit the buy.

Pros Cons
It has a fast Ethernet connection It doesn’t support the latest version of Windows
This print server has a web-based status monitor Powering down can cause a full system reset

How We Picked

Before publishing this post, more facts and data about these print servers were gotten from further research and online reviews (both positive & negative). With the result and feedback we got, we were able to rank each product according to the standard we set.

If you observe the reviews carefully, you’ll see that print server has been carefully categorized according to our research result. However, take note that the print servers that didn’t meet our standard were not included among this list.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does a Print Server Work?

All things considered, web empowered printers are still moderately new, and there was a period quite recently when you required a wired association with print from your work area. Print servers use neighborhood home and work organizations to convey the print occupations to your machine. The print server itself interfaces physically to the printer, yet the “flip side” is completely wireless and gets the print occupations as data from your PC.

Therefore, you can have an office worth’s of PCs all printing from a similar machine. These gadgets will in general utilize either a wired web association, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth to speak with the PCs, and many work momentarily. A printer server is commonly minuscule with regards to measuring since it’s doing a genuinely straightforward work, yet it’s utilized to your office can be genuinely generous.


Picking a good print server is something that ought to be considered very important and without missing words,  we believe that this review must have helped you in selecting the best print servers you need. Be that as it may, ensure you check all the necessary details of your preferred choice before purchasing.